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The Apocalypse of Bob

The Apocalypse of Bob depicts the end of the world, where anarchy rules the streets, false prophets fight for the lost souls of humanity, relationships become the currency for survival, and Evil bites its nails while watching the last grains of time fall.

It’s a world not that much different from today.

Bob is a shoe salesmen, killed in a recent cataclysm that has engulfed the city where he once lived. His lackluster life and times are told in his journal, a brief excerpt of which precedes each chapter. Though Bob’s life is over and he spends his days fishing in heaven, the devil uses Bob’s journal to deceive a group of survivors into believing that Bob is God.

One of the people endangered by this deception is Sellia, a spoiled rich girl, who lives in the decrepit city. The majority of The Apocalypse of Bob follows her wanderings as she tries to cope with the loss of her old life through pursuing relationships with other survivors, seeking self-fulfillment, and even joining the cult that religiously follows Bob’s journal.

Through each group or person that she meets, Sellia tries another method of coping with her situation. These groups personify different methods and stages of human exploration: anarchy, religion, romance, self-servitude, and government. As she explores her options, Sellia becomes more aware of the human failings of society’s answers and her need of Christ’s divine love.

Using the apocalypse as an incidental setting, Brabham addresses societal questions with acerbic humor and gentle philosophy.

Published by Creation House The Apocalypse of Bob is a theological romantic black comedy set at the end of one person's world.

The Apocalypse of Bob
136 pages

Book Reviews

"Brabham utilizes skillfully humorous dialogue with a uniquely creative storyline to stir the reader's imagination and senses alike." –Rick Burton,Founder/Director, Mustard Tree Missions

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Do you see them?” He pointed His finger toward the school in the depths of the glassy lake.
“The silver one with the red crest. That’s the one. I’m going for him,” Bob said.
“No, no. Drop the net around the school over there. You’ll be sure to get them that way.”
“I want a challenge. I’ve been chasing this one for six, or seven is it?” Bob insisted.

“Seven thousand years—you’ve been chasing him all week.” He rose from the lake, His legs and the trim of His robe a wet sort of dry. Structurally, there was nothing about His face particularly distinctive. If He were anyone else, He might have been only described as youthful or handsome. But because He was Him, and only because, it could be said that just by smiling He was the Sun. And just by looking at you He could be your Best Friend. The Shining Man, as He was the only source of light in this place, looked over His shoulder even though He didn’t have to.
The one who swore ever to hate Him and to deliver His destruction and who could truly be called the sorest loser of all was coming to whine to Him.
The whiner was covered in a robe from each country, each province, each city worldwide. They poured off of him, trailed after him, and made his appearance glorious in every place except this place. In this place, he was the dingiest rag in the Kingdom. Even he knew it. Every day his self-festooned glory reminded him of it.

Upon his head he wore a crown of masks, a veritable headdress of scales, feathers, and decorations. Each mask was another emotion: hate, envy, lust, grief, regret, pain, fascination, depression, and one that seemed to resemble some form of happiness.
As he crept closer, he paused for a moment at the translucent pool. He reached his dirty claw into its pleasantly cool trappings. Long nails impaled one of the golden finned fishes; he lifted his masks and he placed it in his charred mouth. Fanged incisors bit the head of the flapping guppy, chewing the raw meat in a way that suggested mutilation more than it did mastication.
The Fish Eater looked to his Foe, crouched by Bob’s side with His back to the Fish Eater. The Fish Eater had always thought, If I could just sneak up behind Him, I could stab Him in the back. And so he crept up as stealthily as he had taught the serpents and other quiet, deadly creatures. He found himself facing The Shining Man. Not because He had turned, but because they were in another part of that world altogether, away from all the spectators.
“What is it, Lucifer?” He asked. “What makes it worth the trouble to come here?”
Shaken but unsurprised by the shift, The Fish Eater began, “Your man, the one You were with when I came—”
“I’m with all of my mothers and brothers here. I’m still with him right now,” He said, drying His hands on His tunic. “But, yes, I know who you mean. He’s out of your hands now.”
“I just thought You’d like to know,” The Fish Eater’s slithery voice grew stronger as he raised his trump card, “that because of the cataclysm last week, the one that claimed Your man’s life, I have coaxed a group of lowly vagabonds, some even once followers of You, to see this fellow as a god! Isn’t that marvelous?”
He cackled as if telling the best joke he ever heard.

“Do you think I didn’t already know? I granted you permission to commit that deception three days ago. Did you just now get around to it?” Oddly, the Shining Man did not seem angered.

He seemed quiet in His sorrowful disappointment in His foe. Not sorry for what His foe had perpetrated but for the way His foe was, or rather the way he chose to be.

“And I’m sure You know how I did it, with his very own book, the journal that he should’ve dedicated every last page to praising, glorifying, and worshiping Your precious—”
“Enough,” He said, His quiet whisper putting a dead calm in the Fish Eater. “There is no condemnation for him here. I suggest you be about your way. And I will remind you, you do not have long.”
The conversation ended and the Fish Eater stomped to his hole, all the while trying to convince himself that it was he who had won the argument.
By this time Bob had thrown the net in the crystal pool, and once again the clever fish dodged the net and scampered farther away from the school.
“Lord, I know it isn’t important now, but how are things on Earth?” Bob asked.
The Shining Man put His thick carpenter’s hands on Bob’s shoulders. “I’m with them. There is no place, nowhere, that they are that I am not. I’m on every street corner, perched on every rooftop, and if they will let me, I’m holding every hand.”

Chapter Three- The Journal of Bob

This is the first instance of the character of Melvin. He seems to be the Enkidu to Bob’s Gilgamesh. In this excerpt, we see their interaction over the task of fishing. It is important to gather the yin and yang qualities of these characters. Where Bob is peace, Melvin is force. They are not opposing; they are complimentary.

This is the first instance of the character of Melvin. He seems to be the Enkidu to Bob’s Gilgamesh. In this excerpt, we see their interaction over the task of fishing. It is important to gather the yin and yang qualities of these characters. Where Bob is peace, Melvin is force. They are not opposing; they are complimentary.

Entry from April 14 th: seven years from previous entry

Today, Melvin and I took our Bowmaster 2000 out on the lake. We were still determined to catch something. Melvin assured me that today was the day.

I wasn’t as confident. Melvin spent most of the time leaning against the stern neglecting his rod and reel. He told me that this was part of his plan.

Taking his rest for complacency, I concentrated on catching our fish. But he must’ve been more alert than I was because the next thing I knew Melvin was yelling at me that I had a bite.

As I began tugging the pole with all my might, Melvin dove into a box at the back of the boat. Melvin came back shouldering a rifle and firing repetitively in the water.

We caught the fish, but as I cleaned him that night, picking bullet fragments from among the scales, it felt more like I was doing an autopsy.

Caleb BrabhamMeet the Author

Caleb Brabham graduated magna cum laude from Oral Roberts University in 2007. Brabham also spent a year in the mission field. He has trained with Mercy ships and spent time ministering in Nicaragua and Venezuela.