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My Book, The Adventures of a Common Man, is fiction. This is the story of a common ordinary man, Pete Russey, from a small Southern Illinois town. He leads an ordinary life. But Pete experiences some out-of-the-ordinary moments. Be with Pete as he experiences the birth of his family. They are the source of many of his adventures. They are with him when he gets lost in a parking lot in Phoenix, and they are with him when he strays and get lost while chaperoning his daughter's group in Madrid, Spain. His family is with him when he leans about the language of dogs and when he learns about motorcycle road racing. Solve the mystery of a murder in his classroom. Find out what happens when he has an encounter with God.

This is a family friendly, easy to read book that will not challenge brain power. It is meant to be entertainment. The Adventures of a Common Man is a light hearted tale of a common ordinary guy facing everyday life. Enjoy the laughs and experience life through another’s eyes.

The book can be purchased at Tate Publishing, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Amazon, Books-A-Million.


Author's Bio:

I currently work for the Illinois Department of Corrections. I served seven years in the United States Army and worked as an executive for the Boy Scouts of America for eight years. I have a Bachelors in Secondary Education and a Masters in Workforce Education.

After many adventures of my own, I returned to my roots in Southern Illinois with my wife of nearly forty years. Together we raised two children and are beginning new adventures with our two grandchildren.