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Heather Harris hopes sharing her story of strengthening faith through turbulent times will become an inspiration to men and women everywhere battling the stigmas of mental illness.

Five years ago, the Coulterville woman suffered a traumatic mental breakdown and was ultimately diagnosed with bipolar depression. For years, she tried to hide her ailment from peers and friends, fearing the negative connotations associated with such disorders.

In time, however, she realized shame and fear were not the proper emotional responses, and she thought of the others in her same situation. An inspiration she credits to God helped her build the courage to share her story through the written word. The resulting product, "The Love That Will Not Let Me Go," was published in late August.

"I realized a lot of people probably feel that way - they're ashamed of it, they don't want to talk about it," she said. "I just wanted to show them how the Lord helped me through this situation and how he continues to help me."

Through her experience, Harris relinquished a disbelief in assurance of salvation in heaven she'd struggled with since an early Christian childhood. She came to realize that her own works in this life had no impact, and God's grace alone could redeem her.

A conversation with a doctor sparked the light of knowledge in Harris that depression and mental illness is no different than cancer or heart problems; each condition can hit anyone and change their lives forever. She hopes to see the stigma of mental illness dissipate and allow for those suffering to be open and communicative about their health.

"It was a horrible, horrific experience, but I feel the Lord put me through that so I can help others. Some people lose faith through it, but mine got stronger," she said. "My eyes were opened, and God used this experience to open my eyes."

Harris' book is available through and

or by contacting Harris at The retail price is $12.99.