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Lee HedstromLook for Lee Hedstrom’s previously released book, The Church at the Edge of Time also available through Tate Publishing

Communion, the word itself invokes feelings of comfort and devotion. Communion with our Lord is every Christian's heartfelt desire and lifelong passion. However, in the world in which we live, spiritual communion can be hindered by misplaced priorities, circumstances, and a myriad of distractions designed to keep us from that sacred goal.

Lee Hedstrom gives us simple, clear direction meant to guide us in living a lifestyle of continuous communion with our Lord who "created us solely for the purpose of being in communion with us."

The author tells us how we can maintain this intimacy by examining several areas of study, including: Communion in Worship, Communion through the Word, Communion- the sacrament of The Lord's Supper and what it means today, Communion or Disunion (Your Choice)

In easy to understand language the author makes it clear that the believer can experience Christ's commitment to live within you and work through you on a daily basis.

A Life of Communion is a life that has embraced the truth that He has chosen you, that He longs for you, and laves to commune with you. In these last days we should all long to live such a life, A Life of Communion.

Available through Tate Publishing.

About the Author

Lee Hedstrom received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Religion from Dana College, then also attended Luther/Northwestern Seminary. His ministry career is varied as a former lay liturgist and later experienced working at the Union Gospel Mission. Lee has also been involved with For His Glory Ministries teaching and performing Gospel Drama. Lee currently resides in Robbinsdale, Minnesota where he enjoys time with his wife, their children, and six grandchildren.

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