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BrittinghamTaking a Second Look at the Second Coming: A Sensible Alternative to Current Prophecy Teaching  

Taking a Second Look at the Second Coming discusses in detail seven roadblocks that have prevented us from having a simple approach to the Second Coming of Christ.  Author Les Brittingham believes that end-time events have become so complicated and confusing that many preachers, teachers, and believers in general no longer want to study this topic.  It is time for a fresh, simple approach to eschatology and end-time teachings that is simple and life changing.  This book challenges the accuracy of many current, popular prophetical teachings by discussing in a scholarly, yet simple way, topics such as the Rapture, the meaning of the last days, Israel and the Church, the Tribulation Period, the signs of Jesus’ Coming, and the antichrist.  Many of these teachings that have dominated our views of the end-times need to be reexamined and challenged in the light of God’s Word.  After reading Taking a Second Look at the Second Coming, one will find a freedom to study, teach, and proclaim these topics with a new found insight and enthusiasm.

BrittinghamDecoding Daniel:  An In-depth Study of the Book of Daniel

If you are afraid to study the Book of Daniel because of all the complex charts and confusing prophetical speculations, then Decoding Daniel is a must read for you.  This in-depth study of the prophet will challenge you to live big for God in your world.  In this work, Les has blended sound scholarship, along with relevant principles for Godly living.  The Book of Daniel will come alive as you study the history and culture of this ancient city.  Like Daniel, you will learn to live victoriously in your own environment where God has placed you.  In a new dynamic way, come and enjoy the prophetic message of Daniel.

BrittinghamRevelation Unraveled:  The Future is Now

Revelation is the one book in the Bible promising a blessing for those who read its words (Revelation 1:3).  The problem is, many Bible students avoid Revelation and are intimidated at the thought of trying to understand it, because of the confusing schemes to which they have previously been exposed.  In this practical and scholarly work, author Les Brittingham unravels the difficult and confusing knots of interpretation, which have come from some of the more popular approaches to Revelation.  Instead of focusing on predictions and time-lines, he offers a simple, kingdom orientation that dispenses with the guesswork, while affirming Christ and His church’s victory over Satan, as the preeminent theme of the book.

Les believes that Revelation is not just about the future, but teaches us; the future is now.  You will enjoy the simple, yet detailed discussions on such popular subjects as: the mark of the beast (666), the tribulation, the antichrist, the Battle of Armageddon, the identity of the 144,000 and the millennium question.

If you desire to study Revelation with freedom and confidence, and to share its truths clearly with others, then Revelation Unraveled is the book for you.

Author Bio

The founder of Manna Resource Institute, Les Brittingham, earned his B.S. at Western Baptist College and his M.Div. at Denver Baptist Theological Seminary, where he majored in biblical languages.  Les is a Bible scholar who has taught in various academic settings for over 25 years and was a pastor in the Foursquare Denomination for 15 years He is now involved with the Vineyard Church as an instructor at the Vineyard Institute of Ministry.

Les is a creative and original thinker who is not afraid to challenge conventional teaching if he believes it does not line up with sound biblical principles of interpretation.  Bringing a rich academic and pastoral background to his books and seminars, he has a sincere passion to help students of the bible in their understand and presentation of God’s Word.

He lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, with his wife, Linda, and is available to speak to churches and other groups.

2845 Canby Way, Fort Collins, Co 80525

(970) 213-8158