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This is one of a series by Gloria

I Fell on My Angel

“I Fell on My Angel” is a sweet exchange between a Mom and her son. Once again, Mom had to remind Bradley to put his toys away. And, once again, Bradley got too busy and forgot. But this time was different. Mom didn’t notice the toys Bradley left on the floor. Just wait till you see what happens when Mom trips in “I Fell on My Angel”.

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About the Author:
Crystal D. Flood is a Christian, wife, mother, Oma (Grandma), sister, aunt, friend, golfer and is now an author. She lives near Winchester, Virginia, with her husband, John. Their three sons, two daughters-in-law, and three amazing grandchildren all live in the same area. Crystal has been involved in the Children’s Ministry at the Church of Christ at Mountain View since 1982. She is also passionately pursuing projects which include a children’s Christmas musical, a commercial against drunk driving, an invention, and an inspirational book for women. The upcoming years promise to be busy and exciting.

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This is the book that will get passed down, from generation to generation!