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Getting A Miracle

Best Unique Devotional Book of the Year 2006

True Life- Devotional Poetry


Publisher, distributors: paperback -  Xulon Press

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ISBN # 1-597810-96-7,      

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Getting A Miracle – Light Covering Darkness

D.J. Shrewsbury

Doug Martin, President of Good News Radio Broadcasting says of

“Getting A Miracle” is a book of short poems that provides hope and healing. Because this is a book of poems it can be read in bites and consumed daily as a devotional.   Hats off to a fine book that encourages the reader and may even help bring a blessing from Almighty God!”

Larry Cox Book editor/Tucson Citizen

Featured on my September 22 book page in the Tucson Citizen.


Several years ago, the author, a fifty-nine year old Tucson man, was told by his doctors that his stage 4 liver disease was terminal and that he should make funeral arrangement’s He decided to get a second opinion. He called on God and, according to Shrewsbury, his healing and recovering began.  His book of inspiration poetry is published with a short autobiography.

Suzette Sutton - Phoenix, Arizona

The thing I like best about your book, Getting A Miracle, is the fact that it is written by a man of the 21st Century. I read Psalms a lot but have a hard time relating to King David. Even thought the life experiences were different for him than for me, the lessons are still the same. These words are for us today in 2005 and much easier to relate to.

Ramona Jones owner of Natures says of Getting A Miracle says:

You don't need a chronic illness to benefit from this book; all you need is your heart, mind and spirit. Words cannot express the heart-warming passages written in this book. It's an inspirational guide, a learning tool, a relaxation aid, and oh so much more. I suggest you get one for yourself and give one as a gift to someone you love and it wouldn't hurt to give it to someone who you think may just enjoy reading it too.

Horse Sense

Today’s Insight Given 6 stars Outstanding

“Horse Sense” written by David J Shrewsbury was a lovely poetry book that was a great devotional and it is a book I will treasure in my poetry collection.  It has great insight into the problems many do face in their lives.  He has written of many true experiences which had great emotion and messages that need to be remembered by all.  He writes from his heart and soul and praises Jesus and this collection shows how strong his faith is.  Each poem brought a memory or a lesson to be learned by reading it thoroughly.  It is a book I will pick up when I feel I need to feel closer to our Lord.  I would highly recommend this book to any person that is spiritual and wants to read some very uplifting verse by a well know poet/author.  Kudos to you David for the completion of this divine devotional book that I am sure you will be highly praised for.  Christina R Jussaume Author/Poet