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Roscoe Goes To The Gym

Debi Toporoff
Illustrated by Gregory J. Butler

Written in English and Spanish.

What happens when a pudgy little rascal called Roscoe finds out the hard way that he’s a little bit
too plump for his own good?

In Debi Toporoff’s first foray as author of children’s literature she begins a series of continuing escapades of Roscoe the ‘Possum, the mischievous little varmint who finds his way into and safely out of all sorts of his adventures through the help of his critter friends, Miss Claudia the gym owner, his mother, and the Lord. Containing both English and Spanish text side-by-side, Roscoe Goes to the Gym finds our portly hero needing to lower his weight. He begins a cycle of exercise and nutrition that successfully delivers him back among the healthy. Roscoe Goes to the Gym is a charming, lighthearted adventure that parents can use to help their little ones understand the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Book, Roscoe Goes to the Gym
$9.95 + $2.95 s&h

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Roscoe Possum Stuffed Toy designed by Debi Toporoff

As if jumping off the pages of the book Roscoe Goes To The Gym, this cute and cuddly stuffed toy please even the biggest fan of the book.

Made from high quality plush fur, and stuffed with just the right amount of stuffing to make him perfectly huggable.

Guaranteed safe for all ages, this Roscoe Stuffed Toy is available for purchase soon.
Roscoe Possum Toy
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Roscoe Possum Stuffed Toy and Book Special Price!

Designed by Debi Toporoff

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What better way to get the full experience.

Made from high quality plush fur, and stuffed with just the right amount of stuffing to make him perfectly huggable.

Guaranteed safe for all ages, this Roscoe Stuffed Toy is available for purchase.
Roscoe Possum Toy and Book
$35.95 + $6.95 s&h

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Oops! Wrong Family

Debi Toporoff

Based on the author's life story-- The book portrays hope to those who are hurting: whether through abuse, domestic violence, abandonment or even rejection. There is hope for the hurting and freedom to face the future. We can not change our families or history but we can change the history of our hearts. This book will make you laugh, cry and get mad at the same time and delivers a message of hope to readers everywhere.

Book, Oops Wrong Family
$9.95 + $2.95 s&h

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Oops! Wrong Family (Spanish)

Debi Toporoff

No podemos cambiar la historia, pero podemos cambiar la historia de nuestros corazones...

La terrible historia de abuso físico y emocional en la vida de Debi Toporoff está capturada en el libro ¡Ay! La Familia Equivocada. Nacida en una familia que no la quería, Debi Toporoff cuenta la historia de como rodó de casa adoptiva en casa adoptiva y de su madre abusiva que la cegó de un ojo y le fracturó el cráneo a golpes. A la edad de cuatro años, Debi se había convertido en una Cenicienta de la vida real –forzada a hacer todo el trabajo sucio de la casa, mientras soportaba abusos emocionales y físicos que continuaron por muchos años.

Aunque el príncipe azul nunca llegó a rescatarla, la Señora Toporoff cuenta de las personas que Dios puso en su camino y que eventualmente la guiaron a Quien ella necesitaba más –el Príncipe de Paz.

Los detalles horribles que Debi Toporoff recuerda de su niñez, juventud y adultez son gráficos, más sin embargo muestran una historia clara de redención que está llena de esperanza y perdón.

Book, Oops Wrong Family
$9.95 + $2.95 s&h

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Here is the best marketing campaign I've seen. Author Debi Toporoff of has laid out a very effective marketing campaign for her books. Her first book, "opps! Wrong Family" was her story of child abuse through the eyes of a child, her eyes. This personal journey into the dark theme of child abuse has taken its toll on Debi. But blessed by her faith as she wrote, she was healing and the end result was a beautiful, well written book with a powerful message for us all.

WOW! talking to her about her love and passion for what she does will knock you off your feet if you aren't prepared. She works full time and still makes time to do mission work in Africa. She takes her Faith and lives with the natives to be a part of them and thus making her mission of delivering the word very effective.

Her book "OOPS! Wrong Family" was first published in English, Then she followed up with it by having it translated into Spanish, opening up a whole new market.

As if this wasn't a fantastic marketing achievement, Debi  then turn the main character of her book, "Roscoe go to the Gym" into a real stuffed possum doll that talks! I have one and it is the greatest marketing tool. YES, I said it talks. Now we all don't have a need for our main characters to come to life and talk......BUT if you're writing a children's book this is something that needs to be looked into. To hear "Roscoe" talk go to This Roscoe is a rascal. I love the fact that this talking doll is a key element to the marketing of the book. Debi looked on the internet for a company that made stuff toys. Low and behold she found a Canadian company that fit the bill. Now don't think that everybody is going to do this. This is NOT for the faint hearted. The price is very very high.  Debi is marketing just like the big boys. Disney move over and let Debi have some room.

Please if you have a child or grandbaby look into buying "Roscoe go to the Gym" and the Roscoe doll. This is an heir loom gift for generations to come.

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Highly recommended by CST and the staff!


I've read this book and I have to say the Author did a wonderful job from start to finish. I didn't want to put the book down. I love the details and related to this book on a personal level. Good Job Debi...

Emotionally moving!

This book is a definite MUST READ for anyone who has ever wished to be born into a different family. This author tenderly brings to light what the human spirit can achieve! Absolutely amazing!

Lara - a registered nurse




Reminds Me Of Love
Jody, the character in the book, reminds me of the love, innocence and joy I brought to my beginning relationship with God. What fun it was to revisit Genesis through his eyes.

Rebecca Magnotta-Easley Nurse-RN – Augusta, Georgia

Touched Me

I really enjoyed this book. Deb has a way of reaching out to others with her books. She has endured so many trials throughout her life, yet inspires others with her positive, caring ways. I look forward to the release of her next book.

Betty Chambers, Retired Cardiac Nurse, Martinez, Georgia

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