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This is one of a series by Gloria

HanekeSeven Ways to Study the Bible

This is one of the best study books for the Bible. This is perfect for the Sunday school class  or the family. For more information contact my dear friend, fellow author, author of  the Award winning book   "Improve Your Writing"  Dianne Myers Haneke PhD. at or e-mail her at  tell her you saw it here!

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Improve Your Writing


At last, it is here – the grammar-based writing book!!

Award winner 2007.  "Best Author’s Self Help"

Improve Your Writing: An Interactive Desktop Resource © 2006

By Dianne Myers Haneke PhD

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Contents: 4 Units: Words, Sentences, Paragraphs, and Papers

  • Appropriate word choices help construct effective sentences.
  • Effectively constructed sentences foster well-organized paragraphs.
  • Well-organized paragraphs produce efficient papers, chapters, etc.

Basic Premise: Grammar improves writing.

Perspective: Literacy rather than literature…

Acquisition and use of language in all academic disciplines fosters better writers across the curriculum than typical English creative writing or reader-response writing.

Audience: writers of all ages – children, teens, adults.

Great Desktop Resource: for home, school, and work.

Readability level: Vocabulary is suppressed to enable users to focus on skills and processes without vocabulary hindrances.

Interactive: Provides instruction and practice exercises for each topic and skill.

Field-tested & endorsed by: pre-service teachers, university students (used independently), home-schooling parents, tech-writers, school teachers (various grade levels), librarians, ESL teachers and students, various cultural backgrounds desiring to use standard English, university professors in all disciplines.

Includes: spelling with phonics, syllables, and affixes; easily confused words; grammar, mechanics, punctuation, and parts of speech; organizational aids and step-by-step helps for writing papers in all subject areas; glossary, index, and table of contents.

Want to help yourself, your children, grandchildren, students, or fellow workers improve their writing skills?  Buy the book with the premise…Grammar Improves Writing.

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458 pages for only $29.95 or less from most sources.

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Every author needs this book! Number one book recommended by

Award winner 2007 "Best Author’s Self Help"