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Start your day with "A Day without Fear" and end it even better, when it's on your night stand......Learn how to live day to day, From Glory to Glory, in the power of God’s grace, joy, and love.

A Year Without Fear

“A Year Without Fear”

is a gift that you should give yourself or someone else  who needs a direct word form God regarding their personal fear(s), says Rita Tate the senior Marketing Director for Tate Publishing.

The main questions today are; “why do so many people, especially Christians live in a constant state of worry and apprehension?”  “Or how are we supposed to deal with the current pressures of the society that we live in today?”

Well the answer to both questions is quite simple. It takes faith to live without fear!  Author Don Nicely offers a year of devotionals to empower the reader to live in overcoming victory over EVERY fear designed to keep us in bondage.

Finally!  A devotional that addresses the “real” fears of life.  Fears like; displeasing God, or living with sickness and disease.  Fear of terrorism or homosexuality, of being unloved, or failure.  365 fears in all.

This book will encourage the reader to walk in the “newness of life” that promises freedom from the control and dominion  of the fears that so plague our society.  Learn how to live day to day, from Glory to Glory, in the power of God’s grace, joy, and love.  Why not try living;

“A Year Without Fear.”

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