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This is one of a series by Gloria

Without A Clue

Released in December of 2005.

The book is a humorous detective story set in the small Ozark Mountain town of Mountain View, Arkansas. The author is a retired police officer and school teacher and has drawn from his extensive experience in both of those occupations to bring to life the various characters in the book. Donald writes mystery's so that all ages can feel comfortable reading his work. He is careful with descriptions and writes in such a way that the reader can form his or her own images of the scenes rather than reading a full description. There isn't any pornographic material, off color words, suggestive scenes, or sexual encounters in his work. He believes there is a void in the detective/mystery area of the Christian book world, so he is helping fill that void with wholesome books in the mystery genre'.
Author, Donald E. Clem was born near Kokomo, Indiana, but has lived many years in Arkansas. He has a B.A. Degree in Bible from Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas, and also a minor in Psychology and Art. By profession, Donald was a policeman, a school teacher, and owned his own business for a number of years. He is retired but remains very active with his yard work, flower garden, and writing (his second book is in the editing phase and he is working on a third). Donald also loves listening to music and enjoys reading. He and his wife Mary Lou live in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas, and have three grown children.

"This book is a humorous mystery filled with small town living, and at times poignant scenes that may bring memories of the past flooding into the present. It causes readers to recall the days of their youth and enjoy the ways of simple life as much as the author. The main character is able to overcome adversity when he realizes his life needs a new direction. With the help of an understanding woman, who falls in love with him, his life transformed much to the surprise of the people who knew him."

"You are sure to enjoy much laughter as you accompany the delightful characters of Mountain View in their small town antics and their endeavors to unravel a mystery. You may even stop to savor something from your own past."

Auto theft to political scams, zany antics, fun, and seriousness fill the lives of the characters daily as they go about  trying to maintain the peace and tranquility of the town. There are surprises along the way as the story unfolds to an unexpected conclusion that astounds the town.

The book may be purchased from the author, Tate Publishing, at numerous book selling sites, and ordered from most bookstores if not stocked.

286 pages - $19.95

Donald E. Clem 117 Ambrose Lane
Fairfield Bay
Arkansas 72088

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