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The Agony of Pain and War

What if there was a book explaining why pain from arthritis and other maladies seems to peak when the weather changes or the person is going through emotional upheaval? What if that book was written by a doctor who experiences chronic pain everyday and set out to understand his own pain in order to manage it? Finally, there IS such a book! Dr. Clifton Johnson shares this "ground-breaking" information between chronic pain and agony and the positive or negative impact changes in sea level pressure, air temperature, medications, homeopathic medicine, psychological counseling, joint and spinal injections, and exercise.

With easy to understand language and interspersed with personal life experiences, The Agony of Pain and War is a testimony to the fact that "knowledge is power"—power over the sometimes debilitating symptoms of illness or unresolved issues. The Agony of Pain and War is insightful, revelational, and vital. It should be on every doctor's bookshelf as a resource tool for diagnosis and treatment. Make this book a gift to yourself or someone you know who needs it today!

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Dr. JohnAbout the Author: Dr. Clifton Johnson has chronic pain resulting from life threatening situations in Vietnam, and other experience. As a former combat medic, then later a nurse in the Army for over ten years, and as a behaviorial psychologist for more than twenty five years, he has a unique perspective that helps others suffering in silence. He has spent the past five years monitoring his own levels of pain to provide information in this book. His educational qualificatinos include a B.S. in Psychology, M.S. in Counseling, and Ph.D. in Behavioral Science. Since his retirement from the U.S. Army as a nurse and medical specialist, he has focused on keeping his mind and body in a comfort zone that includes a hobby of making one of a kind ceramic art. Clif and wife, Kimiko, have three daughters and one granddaughter. They currently reside in Tacoma, Washington.

"As a chronic pain sufferer, I found The Agony of Pain and War was extremely helpful in understanding my own struggles. It bridges the gap of explanation and establishes the hope that we can reach goals and accomplish much in spite of it all. I think this book should be read by anyone with a chronic illness as well as their families." —Deirdre Williams, Creative Services

"I now understand much more about suffering chronic pain, and that the government might be partially if not all responsible for the deterioration of my father's health. I never realized how much pain he had put up with throughout our lives as he suffered in silence." —Cathy M. Johnson, oldest of Clifton Johnson's daughters

"As a long time friend and Special Forces Ranger who also served in Vietnam, I found The Agony of Pain and War to be a riveting account, (his travels and mine through the jungle and combat were similar). Also similiar was the mal-treatment from others, including some in the medical profession who have no real idea what living with intractable pain is and what we endure. This book has shed new light as I had to learn a long time ago to live with searing pain or end my life. Clif is a story teller with a misison—his book gives wonderful insight into who he is and what he offers the world today." —Jim Weatherford, Site Delivery Specialist—Spint PCS

Book SigningBook signing at Base Exchange at McChord Air Force Base in Tacoma, WA.

Dr. Johnson's book signing at the Base Exchange on McChord Air Force Base in Lakewood, Washington on September 16, 17, and 18,   2005  for Military Retiree day was a huge success. More than 300 family members, retirees, and active duty Air Force Personnel stopped by his display.

Sales were cool initially and it seemed as though no one would stop by and chat or take a look at the book.  Dr. Johnson had a post card flier printed with the cover represented on one side and the back matter on the other.  More than 300 cards were handed out to passers by in the afternoon.  After several hours the sales began and it seemed to continue.  At one point Dr. Johnson was discussing the theme of the book and more than 30 people stopped to listen to the explanation.

People pick up flyers and signed 14x17 inch posters regarding the book signing. All this occurred on Friday with sales on Saturday picking up from those that had stopped by on Friday for the card and flyer.

The signing and sale was a success.  He has been invited to have another sale and signing on Fort Lewis, Washington for Army personnel the weekend of Veteran's Day November 11, 12, 13 and hopes for equal success.

Should anyone desire to hold a book signing and sale Dr. Johnson can be reached at his email address, telephone, or through the publisher.