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The Sound of Chimes

The Sound of Chimes

I was at the top of the ladder of success... but I detested it.  Wasn't there more to life than this?

Harry Campbell, the crusty editor of a small-town Michigan newspaper, has never had much interest in - or need for - the one he calls "the great architect in the sky."  He certainly has no use for the pious hypocrites who attend church with his wife, Karen. But when thirty-five-year-old Harry is diagnosed with an incurable disease, a friend encourages him to seek out a different kind of doctor... the mysterious Marvin Jacob.  Harry grudgingly agrees and is swept by the sound of chimes into an unforgettable journey through time, space, and multiple continents that will revolutionize his life, transform his relationships, and allow him glimpses of a much greater glory.

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8/30/09 Author Talk at Clay County Church of the Brethern, intersection of Hwy 218 and Hwy 220, Middleburg, Fl, 6 pm.

Sep 19 - GOSPEL WORLD/3000 Dunn Ave/#48/Jacksonville, Fl/32218/904-764-7679/12-3PM

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Edward Arrington

Edward Arrington was born in Dallas, Texas, and currently resides in Florida.  He is a 20-year United States Air Force veteran.

Edward has a music ministry with the Joyful Spirit Southern Gospel quartet.  He also performs a special musical evangelistic program of his own called "A Christian Journey Through Life," a presentation that combines song, Scripture, stories, and Ed's own personal testimony.

The seed of The Sound of Chimes came from a creative writing class Edward attended over thirty years ago at Colorado Christian University in Denver.  Edward is now working on A Whisper in Time, a story of his own life told from a fictional perspective.


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