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This is one of a series by Gloria

Memoirs of My Grandmother

"Walk with me through the life, faith and insight of an incredibly Godly woman. In the pages of "Memoirs of My Grandmother", you will find my memories, Grammy’s insights and some of her favorite Bible notes. "Memoirs of My Grandmother" is a unique daily devotional centered around a truly remarkable woman. Step inside for a refreshing and interesting perspective of God’s Word put into practice." Published by Tate Publishing 2008

Lynn Pickman

"An autobiographical devotional book which deals with how God has helped me to live with mental illness in my life. Each devotional is a 'word picture', of examples of God's handiwork, power, and magnificent love. Within the pages of this book, you will find tidbits of my life as I share with you my struggles, and God's triumph's. It is a wonderful example of what God will do for you as well." Published by Tate Publishing 2007.

Eclipsse of Sunrise

Born to teen parents in 1953, Lynn entered a world wrought with problems from the very beginning. She grew up experiencing frequent abuse from family members, neighbors and schoolmates. As a young adult, Lynn sought love, care and attention, but what followed was a series of troubled relationships. In an attempt to dull the pain of her life, Lynn became addicted to drugs and alcohol, later to learn that she suffers from a mental illness. Lynn is learning to overcome this disability in her life, through her faith and relationship with God.

It is Lynn's desire to help others who many be facing some of the same difficulties that she's been through. By giving examples of her faith and trust in God, she wants to show them that they too can have hope. In this diary-like devotional, you will experience living with mental illness through her eyes. Lynn currently lives with her husband, Hank, sequestered in a wooded area of Maine.

"The sole purpose of this book is to Lift Jesus up, that He may illuminate a path through the personal darkness that we find within the human experience. Every living person, at some point in life, faces darkness in their hearts and minds. What you will find within these daily devotionals was born out of my personal struggle to find God in the darkest hours of my life. Each of these devotionals comes from different aspects of my walk through my personal struggle, between 1998 to the year 2004. Each devotional are very personal and intimate ways in which God has shown Himself to be real in my heart and life." Published by Publish America 2004.

Lynn PinkhamAbout the Author:

Lynn Pinkham is the author of 3 books, "Eclipse to Sunrise", "Moments of Contemplation", and "Memoirs of My Grandmother". She is currently working on "Legacy of Faith".

Lynn Pinkham writes Christian Devotionals based on how she sees God in the simplest things, in everyday living and in practical terms.  She writes in word pictures, sure to capture your imagination, and give you much to ponder.

She lives in Maine with her husband and two dogs on 50 secluded acres.

Lynn is the Founder and CEO of LOGIC Ministry, "Ministering to the hurting".  Lynn is very much involved with counseling those who are hurting, sharing with them God's mercy, deliverance, and strength for their lives. 

She is also available for various speaking engagements such as seminars, retreats, or other women’s ministry events. Upcoming book signing April 24th 6-8 pm at Barnes & Noble Bookstore, Civic Center Drive, Augusta, Maine

If you would like to purchase an autographed copy of anyone of these books the prices are as follows: (including shipping and handling)

"Eclipse to Sunrise" is $15.99.

"Moments of Contemplation" book is $13.99, "Moments of Contemplation Audiobook" is $20.99,

"Memoirs of My Grandmother" is $14.99.

If you prefer you may order by mail simply, mail your order and payment (money order or check) to:

LOGIC Ministry

P.O. Box 150

Coopers Mills, Maine


If you would like to buy 3 or more books contact me about a discount.