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Surreal in Saudi

NC Author Tells Story Based on Surreal Experiences in Saudi Arabia

North Carolina author M.D. Kavanwal is releasing a work of contemporary fiction adventure based on her own experiences abroad, titled “Surreal in Saudi.”

Published by Tate Publishing & Enterprises, the book tells the story of Emma Gildcrest, a Canadian nurse working in Saudi Arabia, who instantly learns the complexities of class and gender when her roommate of a few days, a woman she barely knows, is dragged to an Arabian prison to await the Saudi judicial system’s punishment—beatings, rape, continued imprisonment, or even stoning.

Still suffering from culture shock, Emma struggles to free her roommate from a horrifying fate in a terrifying country—a country that demands your freedom as an entrance fee. Emma finally accepts, as she has no other choice, a nursing assignment with a royal family, which she is led to believe will remove her from the hostile environment she loathes.

Far away from the protective walls of the hospital compound, Emma enters the secret world of palace life, becoming the mere plaything of prominent royals. Emma’s beliefs, values and determination—the very things that led her to this country—are her sole weapons, her only remaining ties to freedom.

“Uncover this unjust world of power plays with Emma in a fictionalized account of the author’s true experience and discover why life is ‘Surreal in Saudi,’” the publisher says.

The book is available at any bookstore nationwide or can be ordered through the publisher at or by visiting, or  Audio versions of the book also are available.

Kavanwal resides in Fayetteville, North Carolina.