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A Land Divided

by Matthew Gregory

"A story of perseverance against overwhelming odds—Author Matthew Gregory weaves the tale of A Land Divided, which represents extraordinary heroism and the universal desire for peace and preservation from that which may destroy it. When the king of Purthia dies and the land erupts into chaotic fighting, the wicked Montavius Felton emerges to spread his doom across the land while he connives his way within reach of the much coveted crown. From amidst the anarchy, however, three warriors suddenly appear to stand in his way. While the chaos strips the land of any direction, the three warriors begin a quest to seek a unified stand against the very evil that threatens to swallow the land entirely. But as they traverse the broken land, they soon find that their task is seemingly impossible, for Purthia itself has violently become. . . A Land Divided. "

226 pages - $17.99 (paperback)

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Matthew Gregory is the chief of police for the Buckhannon, WV police department. He has long held an interest in stories centering around science fiction and fantasy and above all else, in stories that focus on the triumph of the human character. Utilizing the many struggles he has seen / underwent through his life, especially through his career, the author weaves this inspiration into a sweeping saga that makes up The Lost Kingdom Saga itself. A classic tale of good vs. evil, the reader will find themselves asking the question: How far am I willing to go to stand for what I believe in?