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Love Wanted

Best "Best Friend Stories" Book of the Year 2007

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Love Wanted is a wonderful collection of stories that will awaken all kinds of emotions. You will feel happy, sad, anxious and hopefully empowered as you journey from page to page and pet to pet. Every animal, like every person, has a history. Some will bring tears to your eyes as you read their plight, others so funny that you will find yourself laughing aloud.

This book demonstrates first-hand how a small grassroots effort has had such tremendous success in a big city like New York City. This book will bring increased awareness of what it means to own a pet and what it means to surrender a pet. Pet ownership is not something to be taken lightly and owner surrender to a shelter is something that deserves even greater consideration. It is the author's dream that animal loving people across the country will embrace these stories and work towards modeing a network of people in their "village" after the wonderful group of volunteers that Ms. Tobin has been so fortunate to amass. Everyone has it in them to make a difference and should feel that it is their right to do so. So go ahead. . . host your first Adoption Event today!

About the Author: MJ Tobin

After spending almost fifteen years working on Wall Street, Mary Jo Tobin made a career change into the residential real estate business and writing books. Since finishing this project, she has begun work on two other very promising books. She resides in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband, Sal, their three dogs and four cats. Tobin spends a significant portion of her time and money fostering strays and promoting adoption events in her neighborhood. In less than two year's time, with the help and dedication of highly enthusiastic volunteers, she has placed over six hundred pets in homes where they are LOVED and WANTED.