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The Garden and The Word

His BOOK! "The Garden and The Word"A compelling work of scripture and prophecy. God lives today and speaks to His people! This book contains a profound writing about the Garden of Gethsemane and a wonderful collection of prophetic declarations calling us to embrace Jesus, to be transformed, and by the power of the Holy Spirit to fulfill His Great Commission. This book makes you feel good and inspires you! Priced at $10.39 (20% discount from retail price) plus shipping and handling.—

Here’s what people are saying about "The Garden And The Word:"

Charles and Francis Hunter, Founders of Hunter Ministries and authors of “Angels On Assignment” and “How To Heal The Sick”

Mike Yrigoyen has written a book that will intrigue you from the first word to the very last. He has put his thoughts about God’s goodness and kindness into words that will touch your heart regardless of where you are in Christianity. I would encourage you to read every word.

Pastor Terry K. Burchyett, Calvary Christian Fellowship

"The Garden and the Word" is an inspiring and uplifting work of the Holy Spirit that I can whole heartedly recommend to any reader. It is a confirmation that God continues to speak to His people and that His present day communication is always in complete harmony with Scripture.

Pastor Steve Fry, Belmont Church, Songwriter of "Abba, Father", "Oh, I Want to Know Your More", and "Oh, the Glory of Your Presence", Author of "I Am, The Unveiling of God

The Garden And The Word reads like an intimate love letter from the bridegroom, King Jesus, to us His bride. The prophetic word is meant to encourage the people of God, and these pages ring with encouragement. This is a passionate call to embrace Jesus, to hear His word in the very depths of our soul, and to allow it to transform us. This book is meant to be read on your knees. But as you do, the Spirit will draw you closer to Jesus than you ever have been before.

Ken & Annie Schisler, “Annie’s Visions”

We are impressed with Mike’s sincerity and the authenticity of his experiences with the Lord. He has wisely included abundant Scripture references so you may prove “whether those things are so”.

Lorena Lively, San Jose, California

I just wanted to share something with you. A friend of mine gave me a copy of "The Garden and the Word" to read. Since then I have been so incredibly blessed. The interpretations of God's words have really touched me. I read a couple of chapters during my lunch hour every day and I sit here weeping because of how much God loves us. I feel so special and over joyed with his love and compassion for us. I literally feel a change in my life through God's Spirit, and it has come in a time when I really need encouragement. Thank you for listening to God and writing this book. It has brought me great joy.

Pastor Henry & Anita Ohakah, Nigeria

Dear Mike, I feel I should read your book 10 times before I can lay it down. What I like is for prophecy to be matched with scripture,and this is what your book does. Moreso,it is written for the srenghtenening of the Church not for self-glorification. Please, I will zealously like you to translate & reprint this book here in Nigeria to enable it go round the Nigerian believers.I think my people really need this.

5 Star Review with Creation House Press Website

Page after page of profound wisdom! "The Garden and The Word" can be read in a couple of sittings but its wisdoms will stay with you a lifetime. Mike Yrigoyen has brought a powerful message of God’s unconditional love for mankind in this wonderful book. Listen to your own heart as you read it and much will be confirmed that have been seeking. If you need to know that God's infinityou already believe and much will be revealed to you that you e love for you is this book and feel your faith turn to knowledge.

The Cross and the World

Mike's next book: The Cross and the Word - coming this summer! Add these wonderful books to your Christmas list, someone needs them in their lives.

A sensitive and prophetic journey revealing the single most overwhelming evidence of God’s unfailing love for us - the Cross of Jesus Christ. The Cross and the Word is two books in one. "The Cross" explores the implications of today’s society which is rapidly abandoning the ways of God. Our only remaining hope is for each of us to re-examine and to embrace Jesus Christ and His saving work of the Cross. "The Word" is a compilation of Scriptures, prophetic visions, and prophetic declarations which bring to life the Passion of the Christ. Through the incredible suffering of God’s Messiah, Jesus made the way for all men to be saved for all time. As you read this book you will fall more in love with Jesus than you have ever been before.

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Endorsements  for "The Cross And The Word:"

In 1 Corinthians 1:17-18 the Apostle Paul puts it real well when he says, “For Christ did not send me to baptize, but to preach the gospel - not with words of human wisdom, lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power. For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”

I am pleased to endorse this book, The Cross and the Word, as it tells what Jesus went through for us, and THE WORD DOES NOT CHANGE.—Dr. Maurice J. Hart, President, Anchor Bay Evangelistic Association, Maryville, Illinois

The Cross and the Word brings to life what the blood of Jesus shed on Calvary really means to each and every one of us in our own personal lives.

Having read many books on this subject I am especially impressed with the thoroughness with which the author has gone into the meaning and the scriptures on The Cross and the Word.

There are many people who do not understand what the blood really means and what the cross really means in our life, and this book is a tremendous enlightenment to people who feel that way.

The hours of study it took the author to write this book will save you that many hours because he condensed it in an incredible way.

We pray every reader will be supernaturally blessed.—Charles and Frances Hunter, Founders, Hunter Ministries, Authors, How to Heal the Sick, Kingwood, Texas

Through the pages of this gripping book you will stand at the foot of the Cross with Mike Yrigoyen. Together, with prolonged rapt attention, you will be looking into the face of our suffering Savior and falling more deeply in love with Him than you have ever been before.—Dr. A.L. Gill, Co-founder, Gill Ministies, Author, God’s Promises for Your Every Need, Fawnskin, California

Truly one of today’s Kingdom message bearers, Mike Yrigoyen reminds us of the purpose, power, and passion of the Cross and the Word. His literary style of prophetic overflow is sure to capture the hearts of readers who truly desire to understand the ways the Lord may choose to speak when the Spirit is stirred and man is willing to comply!—Sandy Powell, VDM, PowerHouse Ministries, Nashville, Tennessee

Deep calls unto deep, as author, Mike Yrigoyen, brings the reader with him into a sensitive and prophetic portrayal of the Passion of Christ. The Holy Spirit will kindle the flames of your first love in this powerful revelation of Jesus and His sufferings at the Cross.

Change…we abhor it; we long for it. It is the single requirement necessary to live the life of God. The author, Mike Yrigoyen, challenges the reader to abandon all, in radically experiencing God’s love as revealed in the Cross of Christ. —Pastor Judith Glasse, Co-founder, Unveiled Christ Ministries, Tracy, California

Any book on the subject of the Cross is always highly welcomed and esteemed by those who’ve realized its transcendent value in God’s redemption plan and have thereby experienced the depths of forgiveness and fellowship. Mike has again reflected with sensitivity and depth the wonders of God’s love through the greatest Sacrifice of all Eternity. No doubt, in addition to the precious aspects of the Cross revealed, the personal experience of any true or aspiring saint completely bears out with what Mike shares in The Cross and the Word.—Pastors Ken & Annie Schisler, From R. Edward Miller’s books, Annie’s Visions and I Saw The Lord, Montevideo, Uruguay

Mike Yrigoyen brings the mystery of the crucifixion of the Son of God to the forefront of our Judeo-Christian faith in this amazing work by establishing God’s redemption plan for humankind through the Messiah—the Root and offspring of David. A must read for all who want to know the Passion of Christ more intimately!—Matthew Omaye Ajiake, Author, When God’s Purpose Becomes Personal and Nephilim: The First Human Clones, Fremont, California

It amazes me how much our preaching fluctuates with the times in which we live - it was not so with the prophets of old. This book rings with that same prophetic authenticity. In The Cross and the Word, Mike Yrigoyen shakes us from our infatuation with the peripheral issues of scripture and focuses our gaze on its central truth.—Pastor Chad Kopshina, Harvest Time Ministries, Board Member, Anchor Bay Evangelistic Association, Pennsboro, West Virginia

It was a great privilege to read this newest book by Mike Yrigoyen, The Cross and the Word.

As always, I asked Holy Spirit to guide me through it, to help me really see whatever He wants me to see. So, besides enjoying reading it, Holy Spirit drew my attention to the fact that through all the years that this book stretches, He pulled through one golden thread connecting every prophecy, every vision, every thought: The glorious truth of the price that Jesus paid for the world, and for me, on the cross and beyond.

All through this book Jesus Christ is lifted up by Holy Spirit for all to see and experience - Jesus Christ and Him crucified! I pray that millions of people will read it - born-again people to catch the fire, and sinners to catch the blood!—Letta Pretorius, Author, Spiritual Growth, Hartswater, South Africa

I had the privilege of being present when most of these words were given, and experienced firsthand as God shared His heart's desires and purposes for His family of believers.

I was blessed to be present as these declarations came forth, and I am blessed again as I have read The Garden and the Word, and now it's companion book, The Cross and the Word.

My life was personally impacted by many of the events that Mike has written about, and I believe that you will be touched and challenged as well by reading the Father's heart for His people.—Reverend Parker Kurtz, Woodland, California