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Kind of Heart

"Kind of Heart" is a book compiled from the columns she wrote for the Mustang News for three years. Molly's stories have been published in "Chicken Soup for The Mother's Soul," "Christian Woman," "Christian Chronicle," "Christian Journal," "Ideals Magazine." She was also published in "Chicken Soup for the Kids' Soul 2," and "Heavenly Patchwork." Her stories have also appeared online in "Heartcatchers," "Write2theHeart," and "Heartwarmers". Also in Newspapers in Arkansas, Texas and Oklahoma as well.

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The Passing of Paradise

"The Passing of Paradise" is an inspirational romance. The story revolves around Kendra Tinker, the heroine who meets and falls in love with a handsome young man at a church social. Both from Christian backgrounds, Kendra feels her marriage to Keith Kouch will be the mirrored image of her parents' marriage, and will be an extension of their kind of love. But from the first date, the warnings are strong; however, Kendra ignores them, choosing instead to believe she misunderstood or over-reacted.

Who is behind the mysterious phone calls, and what secret does the little blind girl hold? And how do they all affect Kendra and her decision? What mysteries lie behind Keith's black eyes? Will her undying love for him override her intellect?

Molly LouStorytelling by MollyLouBelle
*Molly Lemmons' Biography with the Oklahoma Territory Tellers,

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Please contact Miss MollyLouBelle With Tales to Tell for her schedule, fees and information on how to order her books. e-mail her at:
Phone # 405 376 2576

Molly Molly Lemmons has been listening to her family's stories all of her life, and has picked up the family tradition by continuing them. It is only recently that she began to tell them professionally. Her stories are taken from her very own book, "Kind of Heart" that was released for publication in 2000. They are stories of nostalgia about growing up during the 1940's and 1950's. She tells them unashamedly from her heart, sharing with her listeners the joys, sorrows, and humor of growing up in a large family during a time when things were as they should be.

Walk with Molly through the Polio days, the trials of the teen years, the antics of her many pets, mostly her cats, "coping" with a mother and daddy who care, and finally the death of her beloved parents. Wrapped up in one sentence, of her stories, MollyLouBelle would say:

"In the winter season of my heart, my thoughts return to home and family; the glowing warmth of the fireplace, chatter around the kitchen table, and the priceless memories of lives well loved."

Her stories will tug at your heartstrings and encourage you to celebrate God, families, and life.

Molly's love of cats, no matter what size they are is evident in the stories she tells and in the books that she writes.

Molly Lou

Molly Lemmons adapts her stories to any age group from Pre-K to Senior Citizens.  She has told her stories for schools, scout groups, book clubs, historical societies, churches, reading clubs, book festivals, zoos, retirement parties, and special occasions, and ladies' days and retreats.  She enjoys doing book reviews, and she has performed in concert at Winter Tales in Oklahoma City and various Tellabrations around the state of Oklahoma. She teaches classes on "Writing Life's Memories"(from the heart) and has taught the lessons at Continuing and Adult Education conferences, using her storytelling abilities to make the class "come alive." Workshops can be adapted to any age from eleven years and up, and they can be compacted into a few hours or spread out over several weeks.

She is secretary of the state storytelling group, Oklahoma Territory Tellers, is a member of Oklahoma City Writers, Inc. and Oklahoma Federation of Writers, Inc. She is also a member of National Storytelling Network.

Retired from Mustang, Oklahoma Public Schools after twenty-two years, she now pursues storytelling and writing full time.   She is an alumna of Central Christian College (Now Oklahoma Christian University) and has spent most of her life in the Oklahoma City area. She lives in Mustang, Oklahoma with her husband of 50 years, has two children, two grandchildren, and six cats!

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What others say about Molly Lemmons.

About her writing ability:
"This collection of columns by our good Oklahoma neighbor Molly Lemmons comes from the heart- and hers is a kind, generous and thoughtful heart! Molly looks at life through a prism of faith, hope and love. She also makes us think, and we're proud that her values are Oklahoma values, too."
—Governor Frank Keating & First Lady Cathy Keating

About her storytelling:
"In my thirty years of teaching, I have heard many storytellers, but Molly is by far, the best!"
—Jayne Denney, 4th grade teacher, Leavenworth, Kansas

About her classes:
"This has been an excellent class. You are a gracious person, so full of love for others. Our agenda allowed me to dig deep and pull up many memories. The Lord has blessed you with multiple talents; I am thankful for you."
—Connie Parker, classroom student, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

About her workshops:
"Molly, you've given me stories! I must tell you after your workshop, I have been going back into my past, my childhood and all the stories stored there that I haven't thought about since they happened! You are my inspiration!  I really want to thank you for changing my life!"
—Rozlyn Reiff, retired educator and workshop participant.