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Unfailing Love

“The Lord delights in those who fear Him, who put their hope in His unfailing love.” (Psalm 147:11, NIV)

"Unfailing Love"

A Journey from Despair to Hope

In the Fall of 2002

I am faced with critical decisions regarding the priorities I have set for myself and their impact on my parents’ declining health. Repeated failures prompt me to finally pray for wisdom and guidance from the Lord.  He answers my prayer very quickly and with a specific request.  Would I obey Him with complete faith and trust or continue to operate on my own?  So begins a journey of difficulties and rescues, heartache and peace, anger and forgiveness, sorrow and joy.  The end result is one of victory over defeat.  Each and every one of us will face trials and sorrows.  The choice becomes whether we allow God to lead and develop us or whether we choose bitter fruit: anger and mistrust.  This is a personal account of coping with one parent’s imminent death and the other parent’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and the spiritual blessings God provided to me following my total surrender to His authority.  This work is comparable to “Finding God When Life’s Not Fair” and “The Light That Never Dies.”

Patricia Cade Benton is a first-time author who fell in love with the written word as a child.  She and her husband, Warren, just celebrated their thirty-second anniversary and have an adult son Alex.  May 2005 she graduated with a degree in Business thereby fulfilling a cherished dream and a special promise.  She enjoys singing in the church choir, reading, and Bible studies.  She serves on the board of Coping With Hope, a non-profit organization, which encourages cancer patients and their loved ones.

I wish this book was published when I was taking care of my family. I was always second guessing myself. But now, Pat Benton has put to words all my thoughts and fears and joy that I did do the right things. Pat is proof that not all Angels have wings.—Leon Mentzer

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