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This is one of a series by Gloria

Pat's Poetry Books!

Who’d have thought in a million years, a web site I would see,
With pages dedicated to Me and my POETRY!

No–one would have thought it, just ten years ago!
That I’d be here writing words fit enough to show

For the best education that I really had,
Was one living life through happy times and sad!

I attended from the age 5 to 15 a little village school,
Where up to 40 in a class was known to be the rule!

We had a teacher for a year who taught us everything!
An hour at this an hour at that an hour learning to sing!

Then the following year another, would come and do the same,
Hitting us with the ruler, if we didn’t play the game!

And half the time I was at school, outside the door I’d be,
Sent out for playing about, acting the fool constantly!

Now I wish that I could tell all my teachers of yesterday,
“That I must have listened sometime, to what they had to say”

How I wish I could mail them, to ask them to look,
At this little web site, about me and my new book!

Sadly I can't thank them Now, for the efforts they made,
But I can thank friends and family for the part they played.

For NOT pronouncing H’s, unfortunately is how I speak,
So help with proper grammar, I’m always glad to seek!

Many friends have helped by reading my poems through,   
Telling where an H' should go and where one shouldn’t too!

Without this help I may never, have got my work accepted,
For it would have come back with a note saying “REJECTED”

Pat's other books

Backdoor of Heaven

Get The Books Help Spread The News!

I need a little help so softly I will tread,
Because I want my words around the world spread!
All the words that came to me from spirit above,
With guidance to show us how they care with love!

First one word then another they quickly gave to me,
I soon realised that they flowed in poetry!
These poems given are now all written in a book,
For folk all around the world to read and take a look!

With the desirable hope my poetic words create,
Love in hearts worldwide to try and compensate!
For all the pain in life that people have to bear,
While here outside Heaven till we enter there!

So if you have a workplace , office or a cell,
Leave my book lying around for others to read as well!
This way you’ll spread the joy of Heaven and God's love,
Waiting to embrace us in heaven above!

BOOK ISBN NO:1-4241-1090-4

This is Pat's first published book which contains all of the poems Pat wrote whilst running the hotel and working as a healer in the Scarborough Spiriualist Church. So all of these poems are inspired verse about God and his love, Spiritual Guides, plus poems on all of life’s emotions. Also within its pages are poems all about meditation, healing and self healing.

There's Something In the Parlour

This is a collection of poems based mainly on Pat’s life experiences told in rhyme clearly portray all the imagery and her outlook on life.   It starts off on her life as a child brought up in the forties in a coal mining village. All her raw emotions are clearly apparent throughout the book with poems that covers life as she saw it through a child’s eyes in the 1940’s. it is full of both sad and happy memories telling what life was like then for a child (without TV etc.) when they had freedom to go out to play without the danger of crossing roads or any other of the modern day fears. It portrays life within the coal mining Village the strong community with the  Village folk even taking a weeks holiday together at the coast. This follows on through  the 50's which for Pat in her teen years was a very sad time with the loss of her first husband... but life went on and the book goes on also to tell about her finding love again re-marrying all the joys of having a family and the struggles of raising a family through hardship the Thatcher years when the miners were on strike and then the pit closures Showing how the death of an old way of life brought about a new beginning for her and Tony with moving to run their own seaside holiday Hotel Anatolia in Scarborough.  There are also poems in this book about Pat & Tony's winter world wide trip to celebrate her 50th birthday. Intertwined throughout the book there is also many poems on varies subjects, on all emotions good and bad, funny and sad... making this a really great book to be enjoyed again and again with each reading giving further delight, it is a book that will enhance any collection!              

Yes Pat's love of laughter, life and nature is very apparent throughout the entire book with most poems being about the true to life funny experiences she has had and seen. Her genuine down to earth approach about life and living her great love of travel is clearly seen. Within this books read expect to be moved in all directions.                        

From childhood Pat attended both church and chapel, and her love of God she portrays clearly in all her poems in the hope to inspire others!

Dancing in the Moonlight!

She loves to dance in the moonlight,
With the stars that twinkle in tune,
And the music of the gentle breeze,
That in her ear does croon!

Then when she’s hot and excited,
She runs to the sea to swim,
Stripping off her gossamer gown,
On a daring impromptu whim!

Back on the beach she stretches out,
Akimbo looking at heaven,
Feeling so peaceful and full of joy,
Like floating on cloud seven!

Once dried off, with gown flowing,
Along the beach once more she'll race,
Tracing her earlier footsteps,
Dancing at a frantic pace!

She does this while the stars all glow,
Always in the moonlight she loves so,
Till the sun begins to rise,
With the dawn its time to go!

The above poem is the opening poem in this delightful book
That shows Pat's love of life and happy contented spirit.
Full of many wonderful poems to suit all tastes:
Many of them are short stories portrayed in rhyme  
Full of mystery about Ghost's

Nine Clouds To Heaven

Clouds float in and out of the sky, just like they do in our lives,
But no matter whether misty, heavy and black,
The sun is always shining above,
Symbolically we must weather the clouds,
Be they light and misty or heavy and black,
For they are part of life and it is through fighting
The heartache and pain with loving faith,
That we grow to be nearer God and the light above…
Even on the darkest days the sun is still shining there above,
Like God’s love for you … So ride the clouds,
Till you’ve risen above them, then you’ll be in God’s light of love!
These poetic words will help show the way…

If you're in pain ……….There are words to help heal!
If you feel lost………......There are words to guide!
If you are sad ........There are words to give joy!
If you feel love ... You will be lifted higher!

Hope you enjoy!

ISBN No: 978-0978348304

Available directly from the Publishers at

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Pat's Children's Books

Pats' children's books ... Because of Pat's strong belief in God, family and family values all her wonderful children's books tell stories with a moral that will entertain all the family just like a Walt Disney film does... They thrill and delight showing problems that can be faced in life ...

And how when you are loving yourself you can overcome all, to succeed in life...

Most importantly ending happy ever after... Just as life does when we have God in our hearts....

Each book makes a very precious gift for all children... Those parents who have bought one of Pat's books have eventually bought them all...... GIVE A CHILD A GIFT!

The Twinkle Collection

A Children's Story Told In Rhyme!

This book is a wonderful series of poems starting with the Fairies Story! Telling of how they lost their wings through a jealous Witch's evil spell to turn them into little people left to live in a dell where they then only twinkle instead of flying. With not being able to fly they become vulnerable to predators like Spiders and Wild Cats!

Hello! I'm Flick!

The Runt who becomes the hero in   Pat's second children's Book!
Get my book and read the story of how I grow from being the unwanted bullied Runt of the Litter to become a much loved Son, Brother and Friend...Be thrilled as I was when I escaped with sister Julie from the Cattle Market.Enjoy seeing my life as it is now living free and  wild in the woods with my new friends... Horace the Hare.

Lulu the Rabbit and Bodger the beaver!

Understand how I felt when in the Spring all my friends were finding girlfriends leaving me alone to try, and find one of my own...

Just to be left heartbroken after following the scent of a girl pig for days to find myself being called an Ugly Pink Skinned Freak chased away by ferocious Wild Boars!

Order your child a copy now... click on the publishers link below

ISBN No: 0-9779662-6-7


Born with no hope, sickly and weak,
Tormented,  abused,  week after week,
Taking all that life threw his way,
Till like a worm he turned one day!

Then he found pride instead of shame
He put an end to the bullying game!
He gained respect by standing tall,
Being there to help when other’s call!

Making friends who help him pursue
Freedom then they stuck like glue!
In a world where any self reliance
Means showing care not defiance!

Giving him aid in his hour of need,
Being a  friend to help him succeed,
Teaching  friendships really do  last,
In spite of all that’s in the past!

He learned to love with forgiving,
Mistakes made just through living!
Then true love finely came his way,
To make his life rich in every way!

The Birds, the Frogs, the Trout!

Is a wonderful collection of story/poems that show how all these creatures learn how to love, respect and admire each other. And most importantly how they learn to overcome envying others to love themselves for who and what they are...

This book is available directly from the publisher NOW at......   ISBN 978-0-9795460-2-0

Pat Simpson AKA Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson.