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Beyond the Steps and Stares

A parent’s greatest challenge is to raise confident, motivated children, but the challenge greatly intensifies when raising a child with disabilities.

Beyond the Steps and Stares is the inspiring story of a family’s journey through uncharted waters—written to bless and encourage other families with disabled children, their support teams, and the medical professionals taking care of them.

Hugely insightful and reassuring, this is the story of a child who became a “stand-up guy” without the ability to stand. The author draws on her own personal experiences—both positive and negative—to offer truly helpful, concrete ways to help disabled children help themselves.

This is not fiction or hearsay, but a compassionate, yet realistic story written from the heart, exactly as it unfolded—by a Christian nurse and mother. If one book could be recommended to every medical professional, counselor, or parent who just learned their child has disabilities, this should be the one. It takes you beyond the shattered hopes, beyond selfishness, beyond all previously held opinions and Beyond the Steps and Stares.

Christian Story Teller highly recommends this book ($18.95).

"Raina Futrell, as the parent of a child with spina bifida, has lovingly and truthfully shared her heart, her discouragements, and all of her son's many successes in 'Beyond the Steps and Stares.'"