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Berlinda A. Love, Rev., Dr.

Sermons from the Heart, A Collection of Divinely Inspired Devotional Sermons, A Special Tribute

By The Reverend Dr. Berlinda A. Love

Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church

Camden-Trenton District

New Jersey Annual Conference

First Episcopal District

The Reverend Dr. Berlinda A. Love, Itinerant Elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church recently published her first audio book, which also comes in hard copy, entitled Sermons from the Heart, A Collection of Divinely Inspired Devotional Sermons, A Special Tribute, to be released on December 18, 2007.

Dr. Love is a graduate of the Master of Divinity Program at Princeton Theological Seminary and is an Itinerant Elder in the African Methodist Episcopal Church. In addition to being a phenomenal woman of the cloth, she is a mentor and mother to many children; a confidant and friend to the elderly; and a dedicated public school teacher of more than twenty-six years and leader in her community. Having earned worldwide acclaim in the fields of public school education and religion, Dr. Love is much sought out as a motivational speaker, preacher, and teacher. She is a prolific writer, a blessing passed on from her parents, both retired public school educators, who taught her to love and thirst for education as a small child. Her vision has always been to write and publish for the church universal, and she always writes with a multicultural audience in mind. Having endured trials and tribulations as an ordained servant woman of God, she has a story to share with the world, a story that she will most likely share through pen and paper. She believes that suffering comes to make us strong and feels extremely blessed to have the gift of writing, which enables her to reach out to others, spreading the good news of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.    

Sermons from the Heart is the first to be published by the author in a collection of books on sermons. It is unique in that every Christian will be inspired by the contents, regardless of age, creed, gender, race, or religion. It is, in essence, a course in bible history, Christian education, Christology, evangelism, homiletics, pastoral care, and theology. This is an extraordinary collection of ten beautiful gems that are written on a level that everyone can listen to, read, and enjoy, and it is eloquently spoken in audio form by the author herself. Sermons from the Heart speaks of the nature of good versus evil, Holy Spirit, Christian faith, the blessings and joy of life, service to God, and the trials, tribulations, and victories of life. God speaks quite eloquently in these sermons about the Holy Spirit at work in women as well as men. Contributors include bishops, presiding elders, ordained clergy, professors, and lay persons. A must reading for students in Bible college, divinity school, and seminary. Sermons are soul stirring, honest, and scripture based. Dr. Love feels that language should not be a barrier to receiving God’s Word, and her ultimate vision is to have her books published in various languages, so that people in foreign countries may be blessed through their reading. In addition to continuing in the family line of public school educators, Dr. Love is an itinerant elder in the First Episcopal District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, where she has served since 1998. She is an author and has published her first book, Sermons from the Heart, A Collection of Divinely Inspired Devotional Sermons, A Special Tribute, which is also published as an audio book. Both are to be released on December 18, 2007, by Tate Publishing Enterprises, LLC ( She is currently promoting her book while simultaneously preparing to publish other genres including an autobiography and children’s books, and is the founder and sole proprietor of Hart and Love Publications, a business that was started to pursue her dream of one day publishing a magazine. She is a writer for the following AME publications:  the  District Flame, a publication of the First Episcopal District, the Secret Chamber, and the Christian Recorder.

Dr. Love has been honored by the Mayor, Board of Chosen Freeholders, members of the New Jersey State Assembly, and several organizations in her community. In addition, her biography has reached international levels and can be found in several publications of the American Biographical Institute and the

International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England – The World Who’s Who of Women, Thirteenth Edition; The Dictionary of International Biography, Twenty-Fourth through Twenty-Seventh Editions; International Book of Honor, Five Hundred Leaders

of Influence, Most Admired Men and Women of the Year, International Who’s Who of Professional Business Women, International Dictionary of Distinguished Leadership, International Who’s Who of Intellectuals, 2000 Outstanding People of the 20th Century, Marquis Who’s Who of American Women, and Sterling Professionals. She is much sought out as an inspirational and motivational speaker, and has a particular interest in the well-being and care of both children and seniors alike. God has blessed her with many talents that she gladly shares with others. Dr. Love will welcome the opportunity to serve as President or Dean of a school of higher learning and as an adjunct or visiting professor.

Her skills are many and versatile. She is computer savvy, a notary public in the state of New Jersey (commission expires in 2012), a former licensed life insurance producer in New Jersey, and an eRepresentative for Avon Cosmetics. She holds membership in the National Sorority of Phi Delta Kappa, Incorporated, Pi Chapter of Trenton and Vicinity and Top Ladies of Distinction, Incorporated, Trenton Chapter. She is past president of the Greater Mercer County Women’s Political Caucus, a group primarily established to elevate women in the area of politics as well as to support male and female candidates to appointed and elected office.

Dr. Berlinda A. Love is the oldest of four children born to William and Parrie Love of Trenton, New Jersey, formerly of Bainbridge and Valdosta, Georgia respectively.


Dr. Love was born in the Southern town of Valdosta, Georgia, although most of her life was spent in the North. She acquired her formative education in the Trenton Public Schools and went on to graduate from Ewing High School, Ewing Township, New Jersey. Her first undergraduate school was Savannah State College, a traditionally black college in Savannah, Georgia. Upon returning home to New Jersey she went on to accomplish degrees from three local institutions of higher learning – The College of New Jersey, Ewing Township, New Jersey where she earned her undergraduate degree in Education with a minor in Psychology; Rider University, Lawrenceville, New Jersey, having accomplished the Master of Arts in Educational Administration with a minor in Curriculum Development and Design;  and Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton, New Jersey, her greatest achievement being the prestigious Master of Divinity Degree with concentration in the areas of homiletics, pastoral care, and theology. Additionally, she received her honorary doctorate degree in Sacred Theology from Eastern North Carolina Theological Institute, now Eastern Carolina Christian College. Among her many titles she is proud to have served the Trenton Public School District, Trenton, New Jersey for more than twenty-six years as a teacher of mathematics and science and administrator on both the elementary and secondary levels.         

In pursuing other writing genres, Dr. Love is moving forth with children's books, an autobiography, and of course, more and varied types of sermons. She claims the children of the world as her own, and would like to see more writing that encourages them to remain faithful and strong, in order that they might be able to one day use their talents to strengthen the moral integrity of America. Writing her autobiography will not only inspire others, but will also be a testament of how God can and does save those who are his own. She is thankful to the bishops, presiding elders, pastors, and churches who have nurtured her ministry in African Methodism as she traveled. When asked about her most immediate future endeavors, Dr. Love states that she is open to God’s plan for her life.

The African Methodist Episcopal Church applauds the fine work that Dr. Love is doing for God’s people, both nationwide and abroad, and we trust that God will indeed broaden her territory by blessing this book as well as other writings to come.

Sermons from the Heart is published by Tate Publishing Enterprises and may be ordered online at,,,,, and at various bookstores nationwide through Ingram/Spring Arbor distributors. Dr. Love may be contacted at to schedule book signings.

Dr. Love may be contacted by calling 609-672-3345 or 609-882-1378. Her fax number is 609-883-5567 and e-mail address is

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