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My Walk with Jesus

Introducing My Walk with Jesus Voted "Best Christian Poetry Book of the Year 2008"

by Christina R. Jussaume

Frederick, MD April 26, 2007 -- PublishAmerica is proud to present My Walk with Jesus: Inspired Poetry of God and Nature by Christina R. Jussaume of East Freetown, Massachusetts.

Jussaume’s collection of inspirational poetry was born from the loss of her parents.

“I lost both of my parents before I was forty years of age,” Jussaume explained. “By writing poetry I found relief from the grief. My poetry helped me to see the beauty given by God. The beauty I had seen all of my life I began to write about. This collection of poems expresses my faith. With God in my life I handled all things put before me. This collection is written with the essence of my heart and soul.”

Christina R. Jussaume

Book: My Walk with Jesus
ISBN: 1424168309

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Take this walk with Jesus

You need the inspiration ....

5.0 out of 5 stars A Testamony of God's Light!!!, November 8, 2008

By Trilogy Poetry Review - See all my reviews

Certainly, God has blessed Christina with her unique poetic style of writing. She has a special touch for using His precious words for all to read and enjoy. This new poetry book from her is very uplifting, inspiring, enlightening to the soul.

Christina has blended a variety of poetic forms and styles in this new book. Tribute is paid to her family through the use of the acrostic form. She also uses the rictameter form to uplift her daughter. The beautiful pictures of her family throughout the book certainly show a special blessing from God. One should be able to appreciate the many bounties she has received with such a wonderful family just based on her poetic words.

Her use of the English sonnet to address colors in "My Rainbow" is very uplifting. Her poem regarding "Spiritual Healers," which has a picture of herself and Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson, her longtime poetic friend and publisher, is pleasing to the sense of sight. The extended metaphoric lines in "Thunder in the Heaven" regarding angels clapping their hands is just brilliant. Her imaginative skill in writing poetry is ingenious.

Her poetic lines regarding her first book, My Walk with Jesus, which she expresses in the form of life, and is illustrated in this book, gives examples of unconditional love, beauty beyond measures, helping others, and receiving the blessings of God while uplifting His wonderful name. The figurative language she uses is symbolic of an eternal spring "flowing in words" within the soul of humankind.

Truly Christina is gifted with her eclectic style of using her poetic muse to write in a variety of forms including: acrostic, cascade, English and Italian sonnets, rictameter, quatrain, triplet, English pensee, senryu, luckyleaf, freeverse, somonka, swap quatrain, and many others. She also uses the form, Seventh Heaven, which I have created, in an outstanding fashion with her poems "Guardian Angels" and "A Week in Time." Additionally, she gave justice to her own created form, Christ-in-a-Rhyme, in the poems: "Embrace God's Love," "Prayers for Asthmatics," "Prayers for Retirees," "Open Invitation of God," and "Eternal Life Promised" in an eloquent manner.

This is truly a spiritually awesome book of inspiring poems for all to read, enjoy, and meditate on the words. The words invoke the spirit of heaven and the love of God while reading. This is not just an exceptional poetry book; it should be a blessing in the lives of all readers who believe in the word of God, and a saving grace for other to come closer to His kingdom and to know His unconditional love and saving grace. Joseph S. Spence, Sr., ---Author/Poet---Majestically exalted food for the soul!

Inspirational Book "My Walk With Jesus, July 2, 2007

By Lucky90250, pen maven - See all my reviews

This book is a mixture of so many fascinating and inspirational poems. The Author is very well versed in the Art of Poetry as displayed in her writings. Her spiritual writings are a perfect bedside book, that can put one at peace from a very troubled day!

The stories of her life were intriguing and had a reader on the edge wondering what would happen next. I do not usually get excited over acrostics, but this Author turned the acrostic poetry into great poems as well! Christina is a remarkable poetess that has great talent and this book can certainly be appreciated on all levels...

I would highly recommend adding this book to anyone's library.

5 stars*****   My Walk with Jesus”  07 19 07

This is a wonderful book of faith, Nature and every day living with good advice on all those facets of life.  This book is also a vibrant collection of poetry styles.  It could be used as a reference book of poetry styles. Take this book and set for a while and read words of inspiration and story poems of life and faith.

By Robert J. Hewett Sr

“Cottonwood 33” Fayetteville, NC USA

5 stars*****

Incredibly well written poetry…By a naturally gifted writer, filled with the Holy Spirit as she share her faith in Jesus Chris. Easy to read and understand, as this reader related to my own experiences. The imagery that Christina created, and the flow of her words, wonderfully done. Her poetry communicated everyday experiences, facing life with a sense of humor while sharing her thought of faith in God and love of nature. I especially enjoyed “God’s Beautiful Gift” and The Rainbow”. The message in her work seems to be “listen to our inner voice” capturing the essence of what spirituality is all about! This beautifully written collection of poetry is a must have for anyone’s poetic library! Betty Louise Keck, Poet, Author…”Embracing Life’s Melody” and “Whispers of the Heart” at fine book stores.

Headline: A Spirit Filled Book of Praises for the Soul!

This is an outstanding book of poetry. I like the spiritual tone of the poems and the inspiring message each one sends. The imagery is so beautiful throughout the book, especially in “The Sunrise,” “The Migrating Birds,” and “Summer Reflection,” just to name a few. The poems cover land, sea, birds, animals and much more; they also open ones mind to new possibilities. The “Christ-in-a-Rhyme” poetic form invention by Christina is marvelous and flows with such grace. Don’t forget to read “Count Your Blessings,” and “ABC of Philosophy.” Christina is a Poet Laureate and National Poet Judge Advocate from Poets.Com, and we have diligently worked together there in obtaining such great distinctions. This is an outstanding book of poetry for all to read by an outstanding poetess. Consider reading another great book of poetry, “Trilogy Moments for the Mind, Body and Soul.”

Joseph S. Spence, Sr. (Brookfield, Wisconsin).e, Sr.

“A wonderful poetic walk”

By P A Simpson “patsimpson” (uk)

This is a book to be enjoyed and read many times with something gained with each reading., I recommend all to pick it up daily to get inspiration and feel the love that these poems creates…Thank You! Poet! For sharing these wonderful thoughts with us, I can’t wait for the poet to release another book like this…Patricia Ann Farnsworth – Simpson

5 stars

A Spirit Filled Book of Praises for the Soul! June 29, 2007

By Trilogy Poetry - See all my reviews

ISBN# of my book is 1-4241-6830-9.

Words Of Praise

I have just finished a very loving and uplifting book that I will treasure for the rest of my life. It is called SPIRITUAL LIVING WATERS. Flowing in words by Christina R Jussaume. As in the title the words truly flow. It is spiritual beyond belief. The book is nothing but one hundred and sixty pages for pleasure. The pictures in it couldn’t suit the poems better. There are lessons to be learned are brought back to the memory. It is written by an author that has to have a very deep love of God and the true meaning of poetry it’s self. It is truly worth every penny to buy. As a poet myself I have learned in the process of the reading. As a man who believes in God I have gained wisdom. The love of God and family shines in the poetry within this outstanding book. I will from time to time go back to consume the flowing waters presented in the words "To drink the knowledge in order to live even more spiritual in the future."


Amazing Pets and Animals

Here's another choice

This collection of poetry was inspired by all the loving pets I have had and still have. It is poetry stories of all the many different memories we did share together in love and harmony. I also have included some fantasy story poems about animals that both adults and children will enjoy. There are some fables within this collection with a moral that teaches values. I have also created a few new invented poetry styles. All of my poetry is inspired by God, my life and inspiration from my family and pets.

$18.50 Order Now!

This is the one for Amazing Pets and Animals

5.0 out of 5 starsRobert Hewett Sr, Author, October 13, 2008

By Robert J. Hewett Sr. "Cottonwood33" (Fayetteville, N C USA) - See all my reviews (REAL NAME)  

What a great treasure of animal lore, love and life of all kinds of
animals. Mitten the kitten is a star of the book.Included here is
background on different animals, examples of love, like the rabbit
who raised a kitten, and different poetry styles. This collection
of animal stories in poetry format is a great teaching book, and on
that should be in every elementary school classroom. Children could
actually write papers for class based on the knowledge and entertainment

Robert Hewett, Sr, aka COTTONWOOD, published author and poet.

Amazing Pets and Animals

Nov 2007

Christina R Jussaume is a very highly respected poet world-wide I am the proud owner of her first wonderful book "My Walk with Jesus"
Now I have this most fantastic book that not only tells wonderful animal stories and fables but also gives details and portrayals of each newly created poetry style that she as introduced into the world of poetry... this book is extra special as a animal lover I am overjoyed with it and as a grandmother I am delighted to see my children reading and learning from the wonderful content... I cannot recommend this book more highly... High Stars / Top Marks Christina... Patricia Ann Farnsworth-Simpson (Poet/Author)

Spiritual Living Waters

This is a book of God inspired poetry written to inspire and help others that have trials to face in life! Here you will find poetic words of love and wisdom portrayed in various ways to give comfort and peace, It is a most wonderful spiritual God loving book with many lovely pictures throughout the pages. Poets reading will truly enjoy seeing over 40 different styles of poetry displayed with a full glossary to explain each style! A book flowing with words like spiritual waters! A Must!

Order $18.50

Spiritual Living Waters Reviews

Spiritual Living Waters is Christina R Jussaume third book. Christina is a new force in the poetry market to be reckoned with. Her poetry shows her love of God and family. She shares some of her most intimate moments with God in this book. Christina also has a love of teaching others the art of poetry and has created many new forms of poetry. She has provided a glossary of poetic styles which is most helpful to both the novice writer as well as the advanced. This is a wonderful book for anyone’s poetry collection.

David J Shrewsbury author of Getting a Miracle-Light Covering Darkness and Horse Sense-Insight For Today’s World.