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This is one of a series by Gloria

Be Not Afraid

A must read for everyone who is tired of the way things are in their lives and wish to see a radical change.

The book is written in easy to understand language using everyday illustrations to help in understanding spiritual truths. Scripture also tells us that the truth will set us free. Far too many people are caught up in painful lives surrounded by problems. Be Not Afraid will help you discover God's specially designed plan for your life.

It will help you understand that it IS possible to have joy in the midst of a storm. It will help you focus on the things that really matter in life and prepare you for the life to come.

Connie Porter is an honest, vulnerable, tenderhearted woman with a passion for God. This book is particularly insightful for those whose hearts have been broken or who have had to face difficult life situations. Why? Because she's been there.

In this unique format, (the author uses a football field in application for our journey to Christ), Porter shares how we get from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of Light; how we choose to reject the world for eternal blessings — from one end of the field to the other. Her invitation to believers and non-believers alike is simple — the battle for your soul is ongoing.

The time is now to start running toward the goal! The rules on how to advance are clearly laid out and you determine if it will all end in victory or utter defeat by your choices! This spiritual football field, along with scripture and insights from her personal experiences, makes for a wonderful book.

Be Not Afraid is a book about embracing the journey, even with the challenges along the way. The reader will see that the Journey to Holiness passes through the avenues of forgiveness, reconciliation, growth, and restoration.


Too many times we wait for the right moment to get the right thing, to get the right book with the right message. But sometimes it is too late and your day of reckoning has come. DON'T wait for Connie Porter's Message. Get it now and be enriched by the Spirit of the Lord.