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The Spiritual as Seen Through the Physical, God’s Reasons for Human Sexuality

Westminster, SC: In his newly released book,

Why God Created Us Male and Female,

Glenn Muncy invites his readers to join him on an evidence-gathering quest in order to determine God’s intent behind human sexuality. He begins with a question that surfaced in his own mind soon after he came to Christ as a college student. “Why did God create us male and female with the ability to have sexual relations?”

Muncy’s search for answers led him from one end of the Bible to the other. He admits, his initial question “branched out” many times. From questioning the reasons why God created Adam from dust, but created Eve from Adam’s rib, he moved to God’s reason for covering our nakedness, to the issue of sexual idolatry to the real meaning of worship. Convinced that God often uses physical things, which can be seen, to reveal spiritual truth, which cannot be seen, he wondered if every passage about sex and sexual sin in Bible also alluded to spiritual truths about God’s relationship with man.

For example, he wondered about the correlation between human sexuality and man’s worship of God. Why, he asked, is it that when God’s people worship someone or something other than God, the Bible calls it adultery - clearly a sexual term? What’s more, God often referred to the nation of Israel as harlots - both in the literal sense when they engaged in sexual immorality, and in the spiritual sense when they engaged in idol worship. Among other things, Muncy concluded that, just as sexual desire expressed outside of marriage is physical adultery, likewise worship focused on anything other than God, outside of an exclusive relationship with God, is the sin of spiritual adultery.

Muncy was intrigued, also, that sexuality seemed to be the only aspect of life and relationships that God expressly limited to marriage. As he observes, “It is really the one area in an individual’s life that the Bible says is absolutely limited to only a husband and wife.”

He points out a direct parallel between the command to, “worship the Lord your God and serve Him only” and “You shall not commit idolatry.” The two commands are almost always stated in relationship to each other in the Bible.

An ordained minister, Muncy assumes a forthright and unashamed approach to a subject that others might shy away from. He confirms, and then moves deeper than, the evangelical church’s standard thinking and teaching on sexuality, using Bible study aids and Greek and Hebrew dictionaries to probe insights usually untapped. His arguments against homosexuality and abortion, and against sex outside of marriage will challenge the reader   to view well-worn (perhaps tired) topics in an entirely new light.

Muncy readily addresses difficult questions. Like many, he wondered, “Why did God give us such powerful sexual desires? (It sure has caused a lot of sin!).” As he ponders the fact that perhaps there is no greater act of obedient sacrifice than choosing to love and obey God in the area of human sexuality, he moves on to the next question, in order to build upon his assertion. The sex drive may be strong, but our desire to love God from the heart should be stronger, and a higher calling.

Behind his desire to seek spiritual truth from physical realities, however, Muncy has a more urgent intent behind writing his book. He wants to introduce the skeptic, the atheist and the unconvinced believer to new considerations regarding the existence of God. Is He real? Is the Bible to be taken seriously? How can I know?

Muncy explores every facet of human sexuality in a blatantly biblical manner. Anyone who has been afraid to ask potentially “taboo” questions about sex will find ready answers in this book, and can rest assured that they are from a biblical perspective.

Why God Created Us Male and Female can be purchased by calling:

toll free 1-877-421-7323 or through

Extended Biography:

Glenn Muncy did not grow up in church, but was always fascinated with God. In high school he started going to church with friends, and became a Christian early in college.

Being in college, Glenn and his friends faced the usual sexual temptations. When two campus ministries joined to offer a retreat on “Marriage, Sex, and Dating,” he attended. He learned a lot that weekend, but more than anything that seminar brought questions he already had to the forefront, “why” questions that the seminar definitely did not answer.

Having already concluded that God never does anything without a purpose, the two questions that most came to the forefront during the seminar were, “Why did God make us male and female?” and “Why did God give us a sex drive?” Glenn believes these two questions were the seeds for this book.

After graduating from Clemson University with a BS degree in Nursing (and plans for med school), Glenn soon realized God had other plans for his life. His informal studies became more intense, and, after studying under two ministers, was eventually ordained through the United Christian Ministerial Association, and later by Evangel Fellowship International. Through EFI’s affiliate, Christian Life School of Theology (CLST),  he began his more formal education.

Glenn was an assistant pastor for 7 ½ years, and senior pastor for 8 ½ years. He has done extensive missionary work (including pastor/leader seminars) in Russia, Australia, Central American, and the Bahamas. His preaching/teaching style is very adaptable, generally humorous, full of illustrations, and yet can be as pointed as the moment dictates.

Glenn, his wife Tammy, and their son Christian currently attend Golden Corner Church, a contemporary Southern Baptist Church in Walhalla, SC. He still claims to be nondenominational, and as such has ministered in churches of almost every denomination.