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Jane HarberHave you ever said something you wish you could take back?  Then this book is for you.  If you think duct tape for your mouth sounds like a really good idea — join the club!  If your tongue is out of control, dare to open these pages.

This book is loaded with spiritual insight, personal experiences and real-life applications that point to a major problem in many relationships today: misunderstanding in communication.  Author Jane Harber offers real solutions in a clear and applicable style, that are sure to change the way you think, believe and speak. Through this unique expose on communication comes truth that can set you free and help to heal and restore your relationships.

Discover once again how to function together, in unity, by reading about:

*The Fire Within Us
*The Misunderstandings Behind Submission
*To Judge … or Not to Judge
*The Miracle of Forgiveness

Duct tape for your mouth? God has wants to heal it!  He wants to give you something better than duct tape … He wants to give you truth! Duct Tape … for the Christian Mouth’ will refresh your spirit and impact your relationships for good and for God.

What everybody’s saying …“The title will get your attention, but the book will change your life!”

Michelle Kent, Praise & Worship Leader
Iraan Community Church, Iraan, Texas

About The Author

Jane Harber was born on July 17, 1945, in New Haven, Connecticut.  She attended Quinnipiac College, now Quinnipiac University, where she graduated with an Associates Degree. Her employment experience includes secretarial work in various industries, including being an Executive Secretary for the Chief of Police and Board of Police Commissioners of the New Haven Police Department.  She then transferred her career to counseling with those people who had been victims of crime.

After living in Connecticut for thirty-four years, Jane and her family moved to the west Texas area.  There, Jane enjoyed what she considers to be the most important facet of her life … that of being a homemaker and mother.  She and her husband also owned and operated a Christian bookstore in their community.  She has since worked for the local Senior Citizen’s Center as a cook, for an Assisted Living Community as a nurses’ aide, and operated her own business providing in-home care for senior citizens in her town.  During all of that time, she also worked as a volunteer in prison ministry.  Years later, Jane began working with youth as the Community Relations Coordinator for a Texas Youth Commission facility.

Jane has also been active in her local church, where she taught Jr. High Sunday School, organized and directed Vacation Bible School, and directed the praise & worship team.  Over the years, Jane taught women’s Bible study classes and discipleship classes for new Christians, as well.  Jane believes that the Lord’s call on her life at that time, was to make a home for her children and to plant seeds into His Kingdom.

Now that her children are grown and gone, it is her heart-felt desire to continue in ministry for as long as the Lord will allow.  Jane has since become certified and licensed as a Licensed Belief Therapist through the Therapon Institute, and continues in her studies, specializing in problems associated with many different aspects of grief.  During this time, Jane began writing.  Her first book, “One Foot On A Banana Peel … Looking Through Grief To The God Of All Comfort,” is a description of grief and an expression of the hope and healing that lies beyond trauma and tragedy.  Her second book, “Duct Tape … for the Christian Mouth,” is a unique and refreshing expose on communication, reaching to the heart of one of the greatest problems in many relationships today: misunderstandings in communication.  Jane has written and conducts seminars based on both books.  Her latest work … “Go Ahead, Make My Day!”  is scheduled to be released later this year.  With the current economic situation producing its consequences, as well as other traumatic events in the lives of all, this book will be a stimulating and inspirational take on experiencing times of rest and refreshing, that will bring healing and thirst-quenching revitalization to our minds, emotions and physical well being.   

Jane’s work with youth also continues.  She has written a behavioral management program for troubled youth, called, “Quit Digging!  A Lifeline of Hope For Troubled Teens.”  She conducts seminars based on this program as well.

Jane looks forward to the future.  Her dream is to build, open and operate Christian, nutrition-oriented, assisted living facility/ranches.  The program will be intergenerational, encompassing both youth and partially disabled adults who need assistance in their daily living, residing at the ranches. In addition, animals living on facility grounds will play a significant role in ranch activity programs.

Jane can be reached at: or  For information concerning scheduling a seminar, contact Jane through either address. 

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