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Jay ScheinWould you ever think that an ordinary man could accomplish the extraordinary task of being  responsible for bringing down a group of terrorists? Highly trained killers who attempt to ship the largest cache of arms and explosives to the PLO in Israel. If they succeed, it could shift the balance of power in the entire Middle East. The terrorists also have a back up plan, a biological attack that could leave thousands dead on the streets of Jerusalem...

What advance readers are saying...

" I could not put the book down. I felt as if I was emotionally attached to each one of the incredible characters." 
Wendy P., Castle Pines, Colorado

" A roller coaster ride of excitement and anticipation with a fast moving plot and well-defined sub-plots. I can not wait for the next book in the trilogy."                               Natasha P., Lonetree, Colorado

"A compelling, rivoting book. Once you start reading it you can not put it down."
Suzanne B.,  Noble Ridge Book Club

"Thank you for allowing me to read your manuscript. It was great fun! I truly enjoy and appreciate a novel that portrays political endeavors of which I have little understanding. 'Days of Destiny' brought the conflict between Israel and Palestine to a new level of
awareness-- on the human side. The characters jumped off the pages, and the pages were
turning fast!                      

Teresa M., Noble Ridge
Book Club, Denver, Colorado

Book: Days of Destiny - a trilogy
Jay Schein
contact phone number: 303-810-6864
Residence: Castle Pines North, Colorado 80108
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Authors Biography Information

Jay Schein resides in Castle Pines North, Colorado with his wife Diane and their children. He has written hundreds of youth and adult educational studies and was led to write fiction this year and the trilogy, Days of Destiny. He is a graduate of Calvary Chapel Bible College and taught youth for many years, with his expertise being the prophets of the Old Testament. His first experience in writing was at the age of nearly eleven years old when he had his first work of prose published in a school-wide writing contest.

He has served as a Hospice Chaplain, Biblical Counselor, Grief Counselor and on-call emergency Hospital Chaplain. He also loves music and is an accomplished pianist which he uses for personal relaxation and worship.

When asked what he loves the most about his writing, Jay readily admits, "The characters. I love incorporating moral beliefs and ideals into their personalities and portraying exciting stories without profanity or lewdness. An author can do this and still create a gripping, emotional experience for the reader. I also enjoy bringing the reader deeply within the nature and personalities of the characters so they become living people and not just characters on the pages of a book. The reader should be able to
closely relate to the characters which heightens the excitement and their personal experience with the story. It is my desire to see every reader take something of value away with them from each book. Then it becomes something so much more than a becomes an experience."