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J Allen SmartMy book is entitled "The Road to Avignon". It is fiction but based on a true historical event and including much historical fact. The story concerns the 14th century Christian mystic, Meister Johannes Eckhart and his journey from Cologne, Germany to Avignon, France and his trial at the Inquisition. Along the way he meets four wandering knights who he befriends and with who he takes part in many adventures. Throughout the story Christian ideas and thought are put forth and demonstrated through the actions of the main characters. The journey to Avignon is as much about growing in Christ as it is about Eckhart and the Inquisition. It is an adventure story, replete with danger and deeds of knightly valor. I view it as a alternative to current books in which vampires and demons have somehow become popular heroes. Written for teenage readers, though a good read for all ages, it is my hope that the story will not only teach some Christian values but also give our youth alternative heroes to think about.

Personal Info:
Name: J. Allen Smart
Address: 2886 Forest Lawn Dr Apt 3
Beavercreek, Ohio 45431
Phone: 937-205-1090

The Road to Avignon by J. Allen Smart

Semi-historical fiction about Meister Johannes Eckhart's (14th century German mystic) journey to Avignon, France and his trial before the Inquisition. Along the roughly five hundred mile journey Eckhart meets three knights who become his close friends. Together the four men cultivate deeper meanings to their lives and take part in several adventures set in the turbulent period of 14th century Germany and France. The story culminates in the trial of Meister Eckhart and the mystery that transpires after.

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