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Today we have a world in chaos. Terrorism is a fact of life.

SANCTION is an international mystery that paints the scene of a world struggling to survive as The Group tries to take over the power structure of the world. A small band of men gradually begin to understand what’s happening and try to stop the attack. Are they too late? Can they take back what the people of the world have given away?

Computer hacking, missile attacks, cold-blooded murder and pure evil haunt the world as The Plan progresses. Civilians and government leaders join in defense of the world as it is seemingly being unhinged. The fate of the world rests in their hands…or does it?

SANCTION will give you a dramatic look behind the chaos affecting the word today. It’s getting rave reviews from the U.S., Canada, England and even Israel, and it’s the “can’t-put-it-down” novel of the year. You won’t want to miss this true-to-life mystery. A truly shaking and suspenseful novel with the message you need to know woven behind the scenes.

(G-rated - safe for any audience.)

***(Nominated for a 2008/9 Edgar award in the category ‘Best Mystery by a New Author.’)***


You've reached the website of Jim Magwood, the author of the new international mystery thriller, SANCTION. Keep coming back to see additions to the site, possible new books coming up, news and reviews about the book, and more.

Jim has always been an avid reader, everything from autobiographies to mysteries to histories. While in High School, he read a novel that had just recently been published (Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand) and was so struck by it he kept reading it over again every few years. That began some fifty years ago.

SANCTION came about when he realized the world we live in today was almost the same as the world of the novel from fifty years ago. A story started coming to the surface that Jim simply felt needed to be written, and SANCTION was born.

Come on into the site and spend some time learning about the book and the author. And then ( as Jim says) go out and buy about a dozen books and give them to your friends. (He will really love you for that.) SANCTION is available NOW through your local bookstore and from web-stores such as Barnes& and

" If you would like to get an autographed copy of SANCTION direct from the author, simply click in to AUTOGRAPH. You can safely purchase the book online from, at a greatly reduced price (only $16.00, which includes the postage), and get it signed and shipped to you within just a couple of days."

One of Jim's favorite sayings: "The man who does not read is no better off than the man who cannot read."

About the Author

Jim Magwood was born too many years ago in Vancouver, Canada. He was dragged south across the border by his parents when he was too young to protest and has lived in California the rest of his life.

He entered the military right after High School, then attended college and began a career in business. His military work and forty-five years in various business management positions had him traveling to many parts of the world and he remembers well the beauty (as well as the poverty and unrest) of so many places.
Jim is married to Gayle and they have five magnificent kids (plus spouses), twelve fantastic grand-kids and one superb great grand-kid.

He retired early and moved from the city to their quiet country place in Twin Oaks, California. The loudest noises now are the few barking dogs, some howling coyotes, the wandering cattle and a million raucous birds. The rabbits and quail have come to recognize that Shiloh (the ranch) is a sanctuary for them, so they hang around every day looking for handouts.

Both Jim and Gayle love working in their local church and being a part of the beautiful country atmosphere. Gayle still travels to the city (50 miles to Bakersfield) a couple of days a week to work with Crown Financial Ministries. Jim just hangs around the ranch trying to be a hermit (at least that's what a lot of people think.) He does still manage to get shaved once in a while and can look half-way presentable when someone comes up the driveway (if given enough warning.)

Jim's work now appears to be writing. SANCTION took about ten years to finish, as it was written in bits and pieces. However, right after it was finished and sent to the publisher (Tate Publishing, wonderful folks), what was left of the old mind began churning and there may be another few novels coming out in the future. Don't hold your breath, but...

Jim would love to hear from you, especialy if you've bought a dozen or so of the books and passed them out to all your friends and neighbors. Give him a write some day, ask questions and swap stories. After all, he doesn't have anything else to do. You can catch him at (And he does answer his mail.)

(By the way, if you would like to get an autographed copy of SANCTION direct from the author, simply click in to AUTOGRAPH. You can safely purchase the book online from, at a reduced price, and get it signed and shipped to you within just a couple of days.)

Many blessings to you.


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