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“Published by Outskirts Press”

Contact:  John A. Casillas
Tel: 253-519-3980

Two men become aware of the Mystery of Inequity that controls the world’s souls. (Christian and Science Fiction novel)

Two Christian, Native Americans, discover what is the Mystery of Inequity and what their marching orders are in their Christian Journey. One of them, Thomas may have to face this mystery head-on.

At the same time a man named Andrew, a hi-tech upward mobile, engineer/scientist, becomes involved in a project that is designed to change the world by controlling the spiritual realm. Andrew becomes the colleague of a number of priests, who have years of experience in controlling people and dealing with the spiritual realm. His own personal success tells him that he is in complete control of his life, but he is actually at risk of being lost for all eternity due to his pride.

Thomas, on the other hand, has always been unsure of his life's journey, but his willingness to surrender to the Grace of God is now bringing him closer to finding the narrow door to the Kingdom of God. The lives of these three men are intertwined due to the spiritual forces that control them, and they are set to engage in a spiritual battle for the control of the world's souls.

The Christian journey is always a journey of tensions, between people, one's old nature, their environment, cultures, enemies, and their new life in Christ. Simple stories can help reveal what those tensions are and help a person break their mind-set in order to work through those tensions - all by the Grace of God of course. The goal of this work is to use a simple story to "teach" the Gospel and talk about the journey of Christianity in more human terms of how it affects one's relationship with people and the world around them.

John A. Casillas (the author) is a consecrated Bishop of the Church of the East (Apostolic line of the Apostle Thomas) and also an ordained Messianic Rabbi. He and his family live in Tacoma Washington, and he still works as a Technical Writer. John decided that one of the most effective ways to break the mental paradigms in people, caused by the information age, is by using simple stories.

If you’d like more information about this new novel, or to schedule an interview with John Casillas, please call John at 253-517-3980, or email John at the address shown above. You can visit the web site for the The Chained Dragon at ($9.95)