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About the Author

Multiple Talented Singer, Songwriter, and Author

John Louis Hughes was the youngest of four brothers and three sisters, and the least expected to succeed at anything, but he surprised us all. He was born at the old way station property in the township of Naco, Arizona.

At the age of sixteen John joined the Army, and as a member of the 8th Infantry Division in Germany he attended a Non-Commissioned Officers Academy at seventeen. Upon graduating he was promoted to the rank of sergeant. After six years in the military, he held jobs in construction and electronics. John had a desire to become a country-western singer, but the call of God to the ministry was stronger.

He began a career in gospel music recording two LPs in English and in Spanish. He became involved in evangelism and religious broadcasting, teaching Bible studies in English and Spanish in this country and in Central America, plus holding down an eight hour, five days a week job, all at the same time. John is an ordained minister with the Universal Assembly of Pentecostal Churches, a Hispanic organization. John and his wife Anita live in Madera, California. They have four children, and twelve grandchildren. His favorite pastime is singing, writing, and sharing the stories.

Encouraged by his fellow workers to become a writer after hearing the amazing stories and experiences he had, John became a freelance writer, by writing some historical articles for the Bisbee News, a newspaper in Bisbee, Arizona. With a God given talent to work simultaneously on four different books, John has two historical nonfiction books “From Eden to Atlantis, beyond what you’ve been told,” and an end time prophetic book, The Eighth is of the Seven, that he would like to see published. His plans for the future, is to finish writing Wyatt’s Gold book II.

Wyatt’s Gold

The Story Tombstone Missed and Bisbee Never Told

By John L. Hughes

On a mission to solve a 43-year-old mystery for the sheriff’s department in Bisbee, Arizona, the author recalls his family’s treasure seeking ventures. He visits the old Hughes property in Naco where he was born, and where some old human remains were found buried in jars. He recalls where the idea of a treasure buried on this same property originated. His research takes him back to the 1860s, to the adventures and perils of treasure seeking by his grandfather, John Henry. The scene moves to Kansas, where John Henry meets Wyatt Earp. Later in Trinidad, Colorado, Wyatt tells John Henry about the vast amount of treasure the Earps lost in a stage robbery. At Wyatt’s urging, John Henry travels to Arizona, to buy or rent four properties where Wyatt’s Gold is buried. John Henry buys the O.K. Livery business in Bisbee, and finds the first part of the treasure buried in a cave under the stables. This western novel is a two book series based on true accounts and events, with 80 percent true characters.

In Wyatt’s Gold, Book II, the author writes about events that led to the last gunfight of old Arizona Territory; and the first murder trial after statehood. Author reveals all that led up to the gunfight and the murder trial of his father, John Harvey Hughes, at the old courthouse in Tombstone.

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Book Review

Wyatt’s Gold

Written By: John L. Hughes

By Lee McKay

The Madera Tribune   

John L. Hughes’ novel Wyatt’s Gold is an engaging and delightful story. It is told as if Hughes were relaying the story to friends over a cup of coffee. The novel is a good read, especially for those who enjoy the stories about treasures left uncovered. According to the author it is the story Tombstone missed and Bisbee never told.

The first chapter, is titled “The Treasure and the Bones,” and is totally nonfiction. On May 8, 1987, Berta Martinez and her husband Arturo find two large jars in their yard. Inside they find pieces of human skull, hand, leg, and knee.

The remaining chapters are based on true events and 80 percent true  characters. They unfold the experience of one family of treasure hunters beginning in 1861 and continuing into the 21st century.

Fact or fiction, the stories are entertaining. John Henry Hughes and his father Jesse, found a treasure and lost it to three thieves. Marshal Wyatt Earp, (Yep that’s the one) tells John Henry Hughes where he can find four treasures in Arizona. He finds the Wells Fargo strong box that contains the loot stolen from the 1882 Bisbee stage in a cave under the stables. Later that night he ends up in a hangman’s noose.

Over the years, John L. Hughes, the author has led an interesting and complex life. He resides hear in Madera.