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Impressive analysis

19 Feb 2005

by Ian Ruxton

I am indeed impressed by the writing and the insights to be found here. If I wished to quibble (which I don't) I would say that from a rugby player's perspective, defense does not necessarily mean withdrawal. (There is such a thing as aggressive or offensive tackling in rugby.) But, all in all, this is a fine piece of work, examining psycho-analysis from a Christian perspective. I commend it to you.

An amazingly simple and profound approach to the human psyche

18 Feb 2005
by Goran K. King
This book is nothing short of amazing. John Mathai has summed it up in a way that is easy to understand and the lights click on with every down to earth chapter. Excellent work.

ISBN: 978-1-4116-0859-7
Copyright: © 2004  Standard Copyright License

John MathaiName: Dr. John Mathai MBBS, FRCPsych
Location: Australia

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Psychological and spiritual insights of a personal journey in understanding the workings of our mind.

How I wish I had access to this book when I first began my ministry in counseling. It is a veritable mine of psychological and spiritual information that will reward any reader, whether he or she is a professional counselor or just someone who wants to know more about the workings of the human mind.

The genius of the book is the way it integrates the best of psychological insights with a Christian perspective. In my experience psychologists who are Christians often view Biblical truths through the lens of psychology rather than viewing psychology through the lens of Scripture. Dr Mathai clearly brings all his thinking to the judgment bar of Scripture and ensures that all he says is in harmony with the truths that lie within the Word of God. It is refreshing to find a psychiatrist who speaks so freely and openly about his faith and how it has helped him in his own quest for maturity.

I have been fascinated and intrigued when reading through the manuscript at how brief statements leap out and hit home with powerful and memorable accuracy. Startling sentences pop up on almost every page that will inscribe themselves in the memory and continuously call forth the reader into a new understanding of oneself, others and of course, God.

Here are just a few `tasters' that will help you prepare for the banquet that lies ahead:

"Having a good self esteem ...does not mean a rejection of dependence on God. Self esteem is to live comfortably with one self... to accept myself as I am. The secret of friendship is the ability to think and feel for others. The greatest discovery of this century is that change of attitude leads to change of behavior. If I love myself then I will want the best for myself...I will want to bless others. My responses to others are just a reflection of how I feel about myself. The tough times will not last. God's power is released when tough times turn people into tough people. Love, faith and sex are all linked together. Therefore don't be surprised that each is stimulated in your relationships."

Believe me there are many, many more. Dr. John's writing is powerful not only because of his training but also a lifetime of experience in people helping. I am so glad that he has made accessible to us the wisdom he has gained over the years.

I hope to spend many hours dipping into this book and expect to profit from it every time I open its pages. I think that you will experience this also.

Selwyn Hughes

Waverley Abbey House,

Farnham, Surrey, England, U.K