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This is one of a series by Gloria

When Evil Prospers

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A must read for all Americans...

"...a well-written work that could be a prescient view of what our future holds in store." - The Conservative Monitor

"...terrifying...well done with a tight plot...a thought provoking read." -

"A riveting political thriller paralleling today's cancerous threat to America...a striking writing style." - The Mindquest Review of Books

In the not too distant future, America's ongoing war on terror coupled with its porous southern border and a growing lack of resolve among the masses to defeat our enemies definitively leads to another massive attack on American soil. This time, the state of Texas has become the target.

The ensuing investigation reveals a stunning international plot to strike America harder than it had ever been hit before, and the Presidential administration is shocked to discover who's involved.  However, this discovery comes at a price, as one of the initial arresting officers is soon charged with abusing an alleged attacker.

Now the President, an ambitious yet dovish political leader, must decide how to handle the delicate situation while responding to the brutal attack on her country.  But her course of action is less than acceptable for the hawkish traditionalist Governor of Texas, who believes the country should take a much different approach.

Caught in the middle are a physician and his brother, two average Americans, whose lives were touched deeply by the horrendous attack against Texas.  As the events unfold, they make a decision to take action that their prior self-involvement had never allowed them to take before.  As expected, the response throughout the country to their boldness is divided, which sets off a chain of events that could destroy or rescue a nation that is in dire need of healing.

Has America become a nation that our founding fathers never intended her to be?  Can she survive a determined enemy in a challenge of unprecedented proportions?  What if that enemy lies within? And has our internal division become too deep to resolve with words alone?

Readers will find themselves taking sides in this page-turning political thriller that will leave us all searching for answers to these questions and hoping that hope still exists for a democracy that acts as a beacon of freedom for all mankind.

This is a must read!

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What a timely book for our troubled times.