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Choose Faith with Love is a Biblical study of faith and love, with several supportive topics.   The major message is that we should exercise our free will and choose to accept and obey God’s Word to faith while receiving His Word with love.  The author discusses differences in doubt and unbelief, faith and unbelief, trust and faith, and finally mercy, grace, charity and God’s love.  The steps to faith or unbelief are included in sequence: doubt, seeking, belief, and the choice to faith or unbelief.  He also discusses the desired combination of faith and love.  Since faith comes by hearing God, a chapter is included on hearing God. Also included is a chapter on Spiritual Gifts, since they are manifested when we operate in faith with love.   

Other authors tell about faith, unbelief, mercy, grace and charity and from where they originate or are developed but do not give proper definitions.  This author shows these words are being misused in our secular and Christian societies. The common every day meanings of these words cause misunderstanding of the Scriptures.  Specific definitions in everyday terms are given for these words and many others.  Choose Faith with Love will help Christians and non-Christians better understand the Scriptures by having a clear understanding of the words and concepts.  The goal of this book is to help start revival in our country by clearing up confusion which exists, because of the misuse of many Biblical words and concepts.    

If you would like to contact Richard or find our more about his book, “Choosing Faith with Love,” his web site is or call him at 405-672-7536.

Richard A Hardin, Janie Hardin
3413 Overland Drive
Del City, OK 73115

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Richard Hardin grew up as the seventh child of a sharecropper during World War II in the boot heel of Missouri (S.E. Corner).  Five of his brothers and sisters, including twins, died from childhood diseases before he was two years old.  His mother and dad divorced when he was two.  Richard was supposed to live with his mother in Blytheville, Arkansas, where he was born.  However, his father sneaked into the house one night and took Richard out of bed to live with him in Gobbler, Missouri, which is near the town of Steele, Missouri in the boot heel.  He grew up with his dad and one older sister.  They chopped, picked and pulled cotton as a means of survival.  His alcoholic dad was sent to Missouri State Prison when Richard was eight years old.  Then he and his sister were passed from one family member to another for short periods of time, since none in the family could afford to feed two more children for very long.  Finally an aunt living in Memphis and attending Bellevue Baptist Church managed to get Richard and his sister into the newly-built Baptist Children’s Home the first day it opened in May, 1950.  Richard lived there, going to church every time the door was opened until he graduated in 1959.  He left the Children’s Home in Memphis with a diploma, suitcase and some very close high school friends.  He lived with these friends until joining the U.S. Air Force in 1960.   

After going to night school several years, the Air Force sent Richard to Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona for three years to obtain Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Electrical Engineering.  He received the U.S. Air Force Award for Scientific Achievement in 1970 while working in the Air Force Weapons Laboratory Nuclear Effects Division, at Kirtland Air Force Base, Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He retired from the Air Force in 1980 and spent the next twenty one years working with the U.S. Small Business Administration as a Procurement Engineer until retiring again in 2001.  He self-published a book in 2001 on faith and has passed out almost 8,000 copies in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma area.   His latest book, “Choosing Faith with Love,” was published and released nationwide by Tate Publishing through Spring Arbor Distributing on December 6, 2005.   

Richard says the main regret in his life is that he did not become a Christian the day he entered the Children’s Home.  He had only attended church 3 or 4 times before meeting his aunt in Memphis at age 9 to go to the Children’s Home. That Sunday morning before going to the Home, she told him he needed to be “saved” and then explained what questions Dr. Lee would ask and what he should answer.  With all her good intentions though, it did not turn out to be salvation for Richard because it was not between Richard and the Lord.  He was just doing as a 9 year old what he was told he should do and to please his aunt he did it.  All through his younger years he thought he was “saved” because of what he did at age 9.  

As problems in life grew he finally reached the point of spiritual hopefulness at age 33.  Because of all the Scriptures he had heard through the years growing up in the Children’s Home, this hopefulness led to him kneeling at his couch and praying early one morning asking God’s forgiveness and help.  At this time, he thought he was only rededicating His life to the Lord.  Within a couple days, he noticed a change in attitude about his fancy cars.  He wanted family cars.  He noticed a change in attitude about people.  Although his family had several bibles lying around the house through the years, they were never read, only used to carry to church every now and then.  Richard picked up a bible a few days after his prayer and was shocked by how interesting it was and that he had never noticed that before.  The bible was hard to put down, it was so exciting.  Then he started seeing Scriptures of the changed heart, new creature, Christ in us and it dawned on him that he had just became a Christian and received the new heart.  At age 9 all he had done was obey his aunt and “join” a club by answering the questions properly.   His prayer now had been truly for forgiveness and between him and God.   

Since he became a Christian in 1974 he has been doing all he can to help others find the assurance of their salvation.   He has hosted a live, seven day per week, call-in radio worship service (1977-1986); preached and taught bible studies monthly at El Reno Federal Prison since 1976; and preached in many Baptist and non-denominational churches in Oklahoma.  He is a licensed Baptist and interfaith preacher and has been active in ministry since becoming a Christian.  Even though he missed so many great opportunities by not being a Christian while he lived the 10 years at the Baptist Children’s Home, he thanks the Southern Baptist of Tennessee so much because when the problems of life came years later, he remembered where to turn.   

Richard Hardin has resided in Del City, Oklahoma since 1975, the year after he became a Christian.  Richard is married with four children, three step-children, and thirteen grandchildren.  Free time is normally spent with his wife, Janie, either golfing, playing tennis or racquetball, bicycling, or walking.  He is retired from the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Small Business Administration.  His fulltime activity now is in some ministry for the Lord.