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Rick Bowman“A Common Devotional from a Common Man”

Rick Bowman a lifetime resident of Avon, Indiana has been awarded a publishing contract with Tate Publishing. Rick’s book was chosen from 1000’s submitted to the publisher. It took five years to write and edit working on the manuscript part time. The book manuscript was completed September 2, 2004 and sent to the publisher. The contract was signed Oct. 26, 2004. The book is currently in editing and is expected to be available in Barnes and Noble, Borders, local Christian bookstores and in late spring.

This devotional was written to tell of God’s mighty works in a common man or woman’s life. Each day reveals God working and touching life in a significant way. This faith packed devotional will cover the gamut from personal triumph, shameful sin, being a husband and father, parenting, world events, mercy and grace. It is God deals with issues that common people face. God will share through Rick how to deal with the difficulties we face as Christian’s today.

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About the Author

Author, Rick Bowman classifies himself as a common everyday “Joe” in Middle America. Rick has been married 22 years to his wife Rhonda and has four children, Joshua, Jordan, Nathan and Sara. He has utilized many experiences as a husband and father, as well as his years in the business world to express his thoughts about God, his faith and his mission. Rick is a graduate of Avon High School and attended I.U. Currently, Rick is Director of Sales for Hudson Surfaces LLC, Catoosa, Oklahoma.

Rick is definitely a common man with common desires and struggles. He hopes to share his stories through the devotional and with visits to congregations throughout Indiana.

Readers' Comments

This is a must have book to start the day.

"There is not a day that I don't start without this daily devotional guiding me giving the strength to go forth knowing that God's Grace is with me."

Leon Mentzer

"It is very inspiring and easy to read. I read it all the way through and am now doing it daily. what a Savior we have- God is so good!!!"

Shirley- Indianapolis

"The divinely inspired words touched my heart and it has been a blessing to me daily."

Jerry- Cincinnati

"I can relate to everything you said and it as if you know my life."