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This is one of a series by Gloria

Robert BestDeception from the Other Side

Visit the world of the dead with author, Robert Best, and hear first hand accounts of the afterlife from the dead themselves.  Experience the intense theological difficulties encountered by this man in his quest for truth.

- Learn of the demonic deception that lies at the heart of the paranormal.

- Read about disembodied voices captured by audio.

- The author has seen the dead.

- Can demonic entities physically attack the living?

- Does the Bible reveal the location of the dead?

- A construction crew watches an angelic rescue of a man falling off a building.

These and other stories are revealed in this work of paranormal research and thorough Biblical examination regarding both the locale of the dead and inhuman entities that plague mankind.  The mysteries that surround those who have passed on before us are explained and shared in a way that Post-Modern Christianity fails to do.  This book will not only be spiritually enlightening, but is also useful in identifying and eliminating doors through which the demonic can enter your life.  Learn of the power that Jesus Christ possesses over these evil entities and how you can claim this power.

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