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Terri TadpoleLegs? Arms? Where is my tail?

Join Terri the Tadpole on his adventures across the pond as he learns of growing up, friendship and even how to deal with bullies of the pond-the mean old bullfrogs. Home to Terri and wise, sleepy Mr. Snail, author Robert Finecey Jr.'s colorful Land of Swails and Terri the Tadpole's first story are sure to please children and parents alike with valuable lessons and delightful adventures.

Robert Finecey Jr., has managed to take all the worry and all the wonder about the process of growing up and pour them into these beautiful stories of Terri the Tadpole- a character that children are sure to fall in love with instantly and learn lessons from before they even know it.

Bebo Norman
Singer, songwriter
Nashville, Tennessee

Robert has written a fun tale that children can relate to- growing and changing, friends and bullies. This would be a good addition to a science unit on frogs and tadpoles for a school library.

Daza Craig
Annapolis Area Christian School
Annapolis, Maryland

Robert Finecey Jr., has written several books for his three children, and recently decided to share his stories with children all over the world. He is a singer/songwriter who has been involved in several music ministries and has lead worship at his church. Robert is a native of Baltimore and he and his wife, Sharon, have lived on Kent Island, Maryland, for more than twenty years. It is there they enjoy spending time with their family on the waters of Chesapeake Bay.

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Making “Terri the Tadpole” Come To Life
By Sandra Zunino

When Robert Finecey Jr. of Kent Island wrote the first installment of his “Terri the Tadpole” series, he had no experience writing children’s fiction.  The story simply came to him one day and he recited it to his wife over the telephone while she typed.

A musician, singer and songwriter, Robert has a knack with words and rhythm, which shows in his heartwarming tales.  Robert started writing songs at the age of 13 and soon took up playing the guitar.  Later he performed in local rock band, Appaloosa until 1982.  Currently he records Christian and Country music.

Robert’s manuscripts were first enjoyed by his own children in the 80s, but as they outgrew them, the stories were relegated to his files.  Three years ago, Robert came across the storie and his wife, Sharon encouraged him to submit them to a publisher.  Robert’s first book, “The Chase” was officially released from Tate Publishing on Tuesday and distributed nationwide.

Robert admits it was a challenge finding a publisher as an unknown author and says he is grateful for the experience. “It was a pretty neat learning process,” says Robert who worked
with editors and illustrators. “They did a real good job.”

“The Chase” is the first of seven books so far in Robert’s “Terri the Tadpole” series.  He says he is still writing and will continue as long as he has inspiration.  “Writing these books takes me back to the time when my kids were little,”  he says.  “The Chase” is dedicated to his grandson.

Robert’s main character, Terri the Tadpole, lives in the adventurous Land of Swails, where he and his friends travel from Terri’s pond in the shadow of Smokey Swails Mountain through
Mysterious Forest, by waterfalls and over Swinging Bridge on many explorations.  Other characters include otters, snapping turtles and a wise, old owl.  The messages in Robert’s books are positive ones dealing with friendship, peer pressure and even growing.  The first books relate to 5-9 year olds; however, Robert intends for the series to grow with his audience and has some stories planned for 9-11 year olds.

Robert’s experience with children comes from many years of working with church youth groups.  “You always have to keep a positive note with them,” he says.  “Kids really need
everyone nowadays.  They have a lot on their shoulders.”

Robert says writing has been a hobby for him, but he wouldn’t mind doing it full time. He has other works in progress including a mystery and a science fiction thriller, but says children’s stories are where he puts most of his inspiration.  “Kids are open minds,” he says. “Anytime I can contribute to a kid making the right decision through these books, that is more fulfilling to me than anything.”

“The Chase” is available in paperback, audio book, and as a digital eBook that can be downloaded to a computer.  Once purchasing a paperback, one can download a free narration of the story including a song, written by Robert.  “The narration is good for youngsters because they can listen and read along at the same time,” says Robert.

“The Chase” can be purchased at Border’s Books, Barnes & Nobel, Target stores and online at and among others.