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The Gift Keepers

Award Winner!

Voted Best Christian Children Book:


If you buy one book this year for a child, let this be the one.


Product Annotation: The Gift Keepers is a journey into a fictional world that has a foundation of real truth. A masterful storyteller, author Julia Rose transports us into a land of angels, flying children, and clocks that have only one time! She bids you to come along with Jessie and Rebecca as they let their imagination take you on an awesome heavenly journey. Your imagination will soar as you travel through time, air, and dreams. Young and old readers will enjoy this beautiful book as they turn page after charming page. In an effort to remind us that angels are gifts from God, Rose weaves a story about a world you can’t refuse to enter and one you won’t want to leave. Fly away on angel’s wings, back to a time when you once were certain of angels and Heaven. The Gift Keepers becomes a special trip back to the innocent memories of childhood. You will believe again!

Author/Artist Bio: Julia Rose was born and raised in the Southwest. She lived the early part of her married life in Santa Fe, New Mexico then later moved to Phoenix, Arizona along with her husband Ken and two small children. Now, for inspiration, Julia draws upon her adventures in life and from those she holds most dear, her children and grandchildren. She truly believes in the old saying “write what you know.” The Gift Keepers is her gift to all the children of the world, be they young or old.  Julia has numerous poems and short stories to her credit, but The Gift Keepers is her first published book, but you can count on it not being her last. She and Ken continue to enjoy their lives in the valley of the sun. Whether she is working, hiking or writing, she “thanks God for His many benefits.”

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Publication Date:  June 2005

Category:  Children’s/Fiction

Retail Price:  $12.95

ISBN #:  1-9332903-9-0

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