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S.T. Theophanie

Tate Publishing Announces New Book Release

by Local Author, S.T. Theophanie:

Tate Publishing & Enterprises has announced the release of The One-Flesh Covenant by local author S.T. Theophanie Her book uses scripture to bring truths that have been rejected by the body of Christ for generations, truths that are foundational and crucial to every life and marriage, and truths that are able to change the behavior of this generation and generations to come.   

According to Rita Tate, the Marketing Director for Tate Publishing, “We are excited about The One-Flesh Covenant. We believe the book will cross several genres and appeal to many readers.”

Author, S. T. Theophanie is the mother of eight children and the grandmother of 21.   She enjoys long summer walks in the mountains and watching the aspen leaves change their colors in the fall.  She is an avid reader, especially of the Bible and subjects relating to diet and nutrition, and enjoys optimal health.

The book may be purchased nationwide from any bookstore, or on line at,, and For more information about The One-Flesh Covenant contact

New Book Release by Keystone, Colorado

author, S.T. Theophanie:

The One-Flesh Covenant


Donna Chumley, Associate Director of Marketing

Tate Publishing & Enterprises

Contact Author for interview or further information directly at:                     

S.T. Theophanie,

or 303-960-6987

Amazon review of: The One Flesh Covenant By: S. T. Theophanie

Foundational Truths on Life and Marriage

S. T. Theophanie boldly presents a strong reminder, to pastors and church members alike, of important Scriptural teaching on the “One Flesh Covenant.”

Heavily documented with Biblical references and direct quotations, Mrs. Theophanie looks at both Old and New Testament teaching on the law, grace, and obedience to faith.  She challenges current interpretations of marriage, divorce, separation, and procreation.

Theophanie helps the reader understand the importance of repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation.  She offers consolation and admonitions that help the reader understand the consequences of ignoring these important truths.

Although direct in her approach, leaving the Scriptures to speak for themselves as authoritative, she offers interpretations that conflict with contemporary practices within the church of today.

Worthy of further study, the research and thoroughness of the references will help the reader to rethink their own position, counsel others Biblically, and strengthen their Christian walk.

This is an important work in a day when many are looking for reformation within the church.

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