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This is one of a series by Gloria

Saverio J. Monachino

Just a typical summer night in Montreal for a middle aged grocer named Giorgio, sitting on the roof, reciting poems to the waning moon, dressed from head to toe in leather while watching a man in the alley commit murder with a hard salami… Maybe not typical after all and neither is Savario Monachino’s debut novel By Any Means which will have you reeling in one red herring after another.  When the unfortunate leather clad poet is anonymously fingered for the crime, the press goes into a feeding frenzy, the politicians take sides, and Giorgio’s life literally falls into the hands of Inspector Gervais of the Sûreté de Quebec and that’s when the fun begins.  “What,” inspector Gervais wants to know, “do an overweight grocer, batman, tax attorneys, a dysfunctional Italian family, city politics and an esoteric secret society that may or may not be the remnants of the Knights Templar have in common?”  Not much but this is all the good Inspector has to go on as he races to solve a gruesome double murder By Any Means.  Montréal in the summertime can be fun, but murder can be funnier.

By Any Means is not by any means.  It is an intriguing, fast moving and visual exploration of motive, involving murder, the conflict between true religious belief and cultism, and deeply felt, sensitive, emotional family values. It recreates a Montreal peopled by characters whose experiences propel the reader forward through a police investigation, led by an ingenious detective with his own complex issues, the unraveling of political careers, and the alienation that cloaks the resilience and intelligence of a seemingly wimpish Italian grocer.  

—So says Jonathan Kleinbard, former Deputy Director, Missouri Botanical Garden and Vice-President, University of Chicago

A stick of salami for a murder weapon, a Crackerjack detective and endearing Italian- Canadian family, from cover to cover By Any Means is a fun and intriguing ride through a Montreal that not many would know.  Author Saverio Monachino writes with humor and a sly wit, populating his story with a magnificent cast of characters, lead by an unlikely hero in the guise of an Italian Grocer named Giorgio.

—"John Rando, Tony award winning director of Urinetown, The Musical."

About the Author

Saverio J. Monachino was born and raised in Virginia and has a bachelors degree from the University of Virginia and a doctorate from Georgetown University.  Saverio has spent the last twenty years working in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries and exploring various states in the U.S.A. and provinces of Canada.  He uses this exposure to regional idiosyncrasies as a source for the interesting characters that populate his stories.  More recently he has settled in Hunterdon County, New Jersey with his wife, two children and large dog.  In addition to profuse shedding the large dog also manages a cameo in each of Saverio’s books.

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