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Sharon Hayes

The 1,000 Year Survival Guide
A Christian & Non-Christian Endurance Manual

War rages inside all of us, the enemy an unseen parasite that feeds on the flaw it plants in our mind.  If gone unchecked, it fortifies its effort by using guilt to peck away at our psyche. Eventually we take full ownership, convinced that the flaw is (initially) our own.  At some point, we may awake in a perpetual state of unexplainable distress, because the parasite is now a full-grown mind warrior with an ultimate goal, and a strategy to attain it.  Read what’s needed to win these games, because they continue to be played whether we want to or not.

The 1,000 Year Survival Guide is about preparation and methods to build inner strength that’s explosive enough to facilitate self and people to come.  Included are journals that will enable you to document accumulated knowledge that can prove as wealthy an inheritance as pure gold.  A day will come when the things we hand down will be needed in order for others to survive.  So whatever you believe or wherever you are spiritually, The 1,000 Year Survival Guide will challenge you, could infuriate you, and will definitely inspire you into some form of actions.

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