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Sherri Smith

They say you can’t go home again, but this time they are wrong!  Author Sherri Smith leads the reader gently through Bitter Water.  As an insecure teenager, Mara Conley flees from a life of misery, loneliness, and abuse on the night of her high school graduation. Stricken by a genetic eye disease, she is forced to return to the family who emotionally abandoned her years before. Mara is all grown up this time, and she time she isn’t going home alone. God is by her side, and He doesn’t intend for her to endure the tense reunion alone. This character-driven novel will keep you wanting more as you wade into the Bitter Water.

Author Sherri Smith is a retired mother of five and grandmother of 13.  She and her husband, Steve, live in an 82-year-old house with their two dogs, Boots and Lady. They reside in Decatur, Illinois, one of the settings in Bitter Water.  Smith previously published a book of poetry and essays and is currently working on her second novel.  Marisol will be the second book of a trilogy involving the towns of Decatur, Springfield, and Illiopolis, and some of the same characters from her first novel will be revisited.  She has been published extensively in her local newspaper and on the Internet.  Her hobbies include playing 8-ball and 9-ball pool, reading, and spoiling her grandchildren.


Gently Inspiring, January 3, 2006

Reviewer: Eagle Heart (Canada)

I really enjoyed this book. I enjoyed journeying with Mara back to her roots. I found inspiration in her ability to stay true to herself despite having to face the pain of her father's rejection all over again. Smith's book is warmly written, gently riveting, and an inspiring reminder of just how much courage and ability to persevere through "bitter waters" can come from being rooted in faith, especially a faith in God that has been honed by those same bitter waters.

Uplifting and Enjoyable, January 14, 2006

Reviewer: Barbara Manatee "Barb" (Germany)

I truly enjoyed this trip to Small Town, USA. I was able to walk the streets and see the sights as Mara did. I experienced her pain and joy as she sought answers with a forgiving spirit. The author was able to draw me into the character in a way that was truly inspiring and uplifting, while also allowing the Holy Spirit to convict me for my unforgiveness.

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