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Kathy Stevens

My Covenant with God for Protection by Kathy Stevens

Features and Benefits:

Chronicles the amazing intervention of God in her family's life.

Learn just how miraculous life can be through Kathy's story!

Consumer Copy:

This book is a declaration of God's power, goodness, and mercy. My Covenant with God for Protection reveals the revelations that God has been faithful to give in every are of life. Kathy tells of the covenant she has with God, and of all the troubles and trying times in which she has relied upon this covenant for help. Step into the world of the miraculous with Kathy as these events unfold.

About the Author

Kathy Stevens has been a wife, mother, and a teacher of wisdom for over forty years. Her goal has always been to know God more intimately. She is a prayer warrior and shares the lessons she receives from God. Kathy lives with her husband, Chiz, in Amarillo, Texas. Together they have eight children and nineteen grandchildren.

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