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Keith Daniels

Human nature has changed very little over the centuries. Overtime men have forsaken God’s ways and created their own ways to worship God. Instead of creating idols made by hands they create idols with their imaginations. Jesus Christ, in his time, was at constant loggerheads with the religious leaders of his time. Most of them thought that they had all the right answers. Most of them believed that they did not need Jesus’ ministry. He became a stumble stone and a rock of offense to them. Man’s way is never God’s way. God has desired a family who will listen to him, believe him and do his will. Each member of God’s family is important and has a special purpose in the body of Christ. Each member is endued with power from on high and can perform signs, miracles and wonders.

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While attending the University of Rhode Island in the middle 1970’s the author encountered a group of Christian students the introduced him to God’s Word. He took several biblical classes with this group. Over the following thirty-two years he has taken several more from various groups. He has run bible fellowships in his home over the years. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New York at Albany. He currently is a middle school teacher in Rhode Island. He and his wife, Diana, have nine-year old triplets and they run a family fellowship in their home. The author continues to study and is working on his second book, “As for Me and My House, We Will Serve The Lord!"