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This is one of a series by Gloria

Stacy BakerAbout The Author:

Former senior editor Stacy Baker recently accepted a position in author acquisitions for a leading Christian publisher. She is also a gifted storyteller and an approved speaker for Women's Missions and Ministries for the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma. Stacy serves at Trinity Baptist Church in Yukon, Oklahoma, and is available for various speaking engagements such as seminars, retreats, teas, or most other women’s ministry events.

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While rising to the position of senior editor in a major publishing house, Noelle Reynolds seems to lead a charmed life until it nearly spirals out of control. In her new character-driven novel, Unhinged, author Stacy Baker pulls back the curtain on the publishing industry, revealing a world of driving ambition and often-compromised ethics. Noelle is climbing the corporate ladder until she crosses paths with a successful author, who has a reputation as a shrewd ladies’ man. When John Brittingham enters her life, he is not alone—he brings trouble. Romance and revenge make deadly companions, causing some to become completely Unhinged. This exciting page turner is part romance/part suspense, delivered in a sophisticated, fast-paced style sure to keep you reading to the surprising end. The author has tastefully injected the message of the Gospel without being obtrusive—as intrigue intensifies so do the questions: Can you go so far that you are out of God's reach? Is there a line from which you may never return? Readers of any age or gender will enjoy this contemporary tale that explores how a tinge of evil, the smallest yielding, and a moment’s indiscretion can leave anyone . . . Unhinged.

"Unhinged" is the gripping emotional drama about human failings but also of hope, faith, and true love. Written in stylish, contemporary dialogue, it is rich in character development from a gifted storyteller. I recommend this dazzlingly suspenseful read about reputations—careers—lives on the line. Unhinged is the perfect debut of a remarkable new voice.”             

Rita Tate, Founder and Senior Editor

Tate Publishing, LLC

“I couldn’t put this book down—and I’m a guy!  There’s just something about they way Stacy Baker writes that grabs you and won’t let go until you’ve read the whole thing.  After reading just a few pages, she had me.  Unhinged is a true-to-life story of love, betrayal, and suspense with a nice spiritual twist at the end.  If you enjoy Christian fiction, you’ll find this book a real thrill.”     

Dan Fisher, Sr. Pastor and Author of  Shaken Not Stirred

About the Author – Stacy Baker is a busy woman who by profession is an editor for a leading Christian publisher, yet she remains active in ministry in her local church serving in several capacities. She is a small group leader, a Singles’ ministry leader, and an gifted speaker for women’s events. Stacy has a passion to discover, help, and encourage new authors to develop their own writing skills and become published. Stacy and her husband, Alan, currently reside in Yukon, Oklahoma, where they enjoy time with their children, grandchildren, and many friends.    

~  Unhinged is the first volume of a character-driven series.

Look for the others to come ~

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