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This is one of a series by Gloria

Stephen Winter'This is a must-have for all teens!

" my hands is the devotional I wish I'd had back then..."

"It's personal, it's powerful and it's purposeful! Stephen Winters knows where teenagers live. He speaks biblical, life-changing truth into your life and experiences."

Josh McDowell

Here’s some of what Alison Strobel, author of World’s Collide and Violette Between (and daughter of best-selling Christian author Lee Strobel) has to say about Open Mouth, Insert Foot in the foreword she wrote for the book:

As a high school student, I knew that my relationship with God was missing something. Even though I’d been a Christian for nearly my entire life, there were others newer to the journey that had more passion and depth in their faith than I’d ever had. They all talked about their “quiet time” with God and how they were doing this Bible study or that devotional, and I decided I must be reading the wrong thing.

Fast-forward a decade or so. ….and in my hands is the devotional I wish I’d had back then.  A book that was this conversational and challenging with this much humor and honesty would have caught my eye, and the thought-provoking questions that encouraged me to examine my heart and life instead of just asking me to regurgitate what I’d read would have kept my butt in the chair a lot longer than those brainless five minute blurbs. In a nutshell, I might have finally “gotten it.”

If you’re looking for a devotional that won’t let you get off easily, but will make you examine yourself and your faith, that is written by someone who really does remember what it’s like to be where you are, and that touches on the struggles, frustrations, and obstacles of life, then don’t leave the bookstore empty-handed. Take Stephen Winters with you and pray that God will use him and this book to help you become the person He wants you to be.

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