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Tim White

If you’ve ever been to Vacation Bible School in the absence of air conditioning and didn’t know any better then you can find something to relate to here. If you’ve ever owned a good dog, been clueless at a wedding, or remember what an 8 track tape player is you can find something in this book to appreciate. Inside the pages of “An Angel at Sunday School” author Tim White strives to bring it all back to you in this delightful and lighthearted look at young love, and clean country living in the deep south. There’s also some insights into the wonderful world of agriculture and a look at other mysteries and myths.

My cousin Tim White never ceases to be a source of wonderful surprises. As one of the city-boy cousins I can testify that he is the only one of scores of descendents of his paternal great-grandfather with the skill and temperament to make a living on the farm, rather than leaving it. He remains, as this record shows, active in Damascus Church, in which he was raised. I recollect that several years ago he emailed me a collection of “thoughts while driving the tractor”  which has provided me with a lot of chuckles as well as some profound insights. This book is written in the vernacular of a wonderful part of the country that he knows better than any of us. Tim tells a wonderful love story and gives us a peek into life back home. The Rev. Robert F. Marsh, Jr.  

Author Tim White was “educated”, initially in the Randolph County elementary school system and eventually graduated from Randolph Southern School. There remains those who would debate the term educated. He serves as Fire Chief for Randolph county Georgia and as he puts it has, “served a sentence” on the board of trustees at RSS. He still lives and farms in this southwest Georgia community with his original wife Cathy and children Cristin and Lee and son-in-law Jeremy.

Tim White’s personality shines brightly from beginning to end in this delightful narrative set in the rural South. His use of South Georgia expressions and folklore are abundant throughout his story and you will be drawn to this man by his pleasing mannerisms and country-boy candor.

In today’s world, we often find ourselves bombarded by all that is negative in our society. It is a rare thing to come upon a work that is wholesome, entertaining, and faith based at the same time.

His story has a broad appeal to those of us who remember a simpler time when morals, values, and trust in God were guiding principles by which to live and raise a family.

Dr. Terry L. Tedder

Thank you for your interest in my book. I sincerely hope everyone likes it. When I was writing it I would pray every time I would start writing that the Lord would use this to glorify himself, that those who read it would be blessed, and that he would use this and all the subsequent efforts to get me out of debt. I don’t have a “never walk again” story. God has been exceptionally good to me in many wondrous ways. A beautiful, talented family and a job I love but is a very cruel mistress. By the same token he has thrown me some curve balls that were high and inside. It’s these contradictions that I’d like to impress on my readers. I’d like them to say, yea I remember that, or I remember feeling that way. It wasn’t intended to be a self help book or anything of the sort. Only a real life look at some interesting events. From the joys of innocent childhood to the agonies of a struggling business and everything in between.

In conclusion I have committed 10% of my earnings to the American Cancer Society in memory of several individuals. Thank You Tim

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