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Beverly Weaver and Jordyn Thompson

GOD'S WORD IS COOL!: Children Interactively Exploring Truths In The Bible

This is an interactive discussion book for children ages 5-12.  It is designed in a way that allows children to think and express their thoughts.  We use illustrations along with a brief summary to depict situations that children can easily relate to that bring out a Biblical value or truth.  With a personal page opposite each topic children can write or draw to express themselves about the topic.  With a layout such as this children can come back to the personal page again and again for review or to add more to the page.  One or more questions and scripture text is given with each topic.  A testimony by the young co-author is featured in the book and a personal testimony page for children to give their testimony is provided.  Children are encouraged to share their testimony as it can help others.  The book concludes with a fill-in-the-blank activity page followed by the answer page.  If you are looking for another wholesome book for children then this is the one to get.  (this is classified a picture book with 48 pages)

Co-authored by:  Beverly Weaver and Jordyn Thompson

Publisher:  Masterpiece By Design

GOD'S WORD IS COOL! can be purchased at online sites such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Alibris,  Better World Books and others.  Anyone wanting to purchase “10” or more books or to find out about other of our associated products to the book can contact the publisher for information or quotes at: