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Search for the Whole Heart: Change

Catherine and David have grown up together in Lexington, MO. In 1869, just as they realize their childhood friendship has grown into love Catherine's stepfather moves her family west by wagon train. David gives Catherine a gold half-heart necklace to remind her of his love and their future plans. He keeps the other half of the heart, and when he comes to find Catherine in two years, they will join the gold heart as their hearts are joined in marriage. Situations occur which test the strength of their love and their faith in God. Disaster haunts Catherine and her family, breaking her heart with sorrow. The theft of her heart necklace adds to her grief as she now has no tangible proof of David's love. A change in plans takes her family to Kansas as they settle near Dodge City.

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5 out of 5 stars Captivating and Inspiring
By Jennifer Jones "JP Jones"

This story is the type that movies are made of. I had a chance to read a portion of the manuscript for a project I was working on, and the story is so beautifully written that I found myself reading instead of working! I literally had to drag myself away! The author has arranged the characters in such a way that they are truly captivating. You find yourself in their shoes walking out the story.

One of the best books I've read in a while. Keep them coming Ellen!

Absolutely wonderful!
By Ramona M. Cox

This really is a hard story to set aside. From the moment Catherine climbed the rocky slope, I felt I knew her. These were not just words on a page, but word pictures, smells, and feelings that have imprinted my mind with our introduction.

I am SO glad this story is going to continue, and I'll be eagerly waiting to read what's happening with all the new "friends" I have enjoyed in SFTWH: Change.


Search for the Whole Heart: Discovery

When David Winters travels west to rescue his fiancee', Catherine Sutherland, from life on a Kansas hard-dirt farm he finds the sod house burned to the ground and no one in sight. He desperately searches for her after learning that she and her brothers had come to Dodge City to start a new life. Unaware of the plot against his life David finally learns of Catherine's whereabouts and almost reaches her when the assasins strike. Wounded and bleeding he is taken to the nearest house, the brothel where Catherine is working as a cook. The kind madam there is greatly influenced by the Godly example she sees in Catherine and David and discovers that God truly loves the sinner. Surprise blessings come to Catherine and David as they find her long lost necklace and God's plan for their lives as well.

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About the Author

Ellen Sherrill has written numerous dramatic projects and songs for the Christian community. She has been actively involved in women's ministry across the country, gaining an appreciation for the historical foundation of faith upon which our nation was founded. The Search for the Whole Heart series is her first book publication, containing bits of real-life history in the portrayal of characters and events. She currently resides in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.